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Sheffield Free School 2011

IMC Sheffield | 14-10-2011 13:56 | Education | Free Spaces | Sheffield

Sheffield Free School 2011

UPDATE: Audio recordings of 3 workshops and the plenary are available.

All welcome to this year's Sheffield Free School event, on Saturday 15th October 2011, from 10am till 8pm, at CADS (Creative Arts Development Space) Snow Lane Entrance, Shalesmoor, S3 7AL (5 mins from city centre, next to "Kit Locker").

This is a Free School NOT of the type created under the present government, but in the long tradition of autonomous self-organised activities. It's being run by the Sheffield Social Centre project, which aims to establish a permanent space for non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist and non-discriminatory activity in Sheffield.

People in Sheffield are coming together to resist the tide of consumer capitalism, exploitation and crisis, creating a space for the free sharing of skills, ideas and knowledge. Come along to the Sheffield Free School ? maybe even to share a skill of your own.

The day's line up includes a whole list of workshops, practical activities, food, film, stalls, fun and friendly stuff.

Following that, everyone's welcome to the evening benefit gig (£4, £3 concessions) at the nearby Redhouse Pub, 168 Solly Street S1 4BB.

Full details of the day, including flyers to download and pre-event preparation meetings, can be found on the Sheffield Social Centre website and on the Free School event Facebook page

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Activist Films at Sheffield Doc/fest

Sheffield IMC | 07-06-2011 20:39 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Education | Sheffield

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2011

In the past Sheffield Indymedia has hosted its own fringe documentary film festival alongside the international annual event hosted at the Showroom Cinema, this year Access Space are hosting Open Splice: an afternoon of short open source documentaries on Friday 10th. Although we don't have the time and energy for our own screenings this this year the main event has a number of great looking films of interest to activists, including the première of the new British Film about climate change related direct action, Just Do It and the UK première of If a Tree Falls about the Earth Liberation Front.

Links: Sheffield Doc/Fest | Just Do It | If a Tree Falls

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Sheffield University Occupation: Anti-Cuts Protest and Rally

IMC Sheffield | 05-12-2010 09:43 | Education | Public sector cuts | Sheffield

On Saturday 5th December 2010 students from the occupation of the Richard Roberts building at Sheffield University were joined by others in a protest against rise in tuition fees and tax dodging companies. Tax dodgers Vodafone and Topshop were targeted as part of the action with protesters blockading the entrance to both stores on Fargate and, as a result, the Vodafone store was forced to close.

Sheffield University have been granted a posession order but at Public Rally to support the Occupation, on Sunday 5th December, in the Richard Roberts Building, Paul White, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield University said they were not going to enforce the order (audio). Recordings of most of the speakers from the Rally and also from the Roy Bailey gig which followed the rally are available ( 1 | 2 ).

The occupation was ended on the eve of the protests in London on the day that MP were due to vote on the cuts. See the the Sheffield Occupation web site for the latest news.

Newswire: Roy Bailey Set from the Sheffield University Occupation | Sheffield University Occupation Rally Against Cuts | Sheffield Occupation and Anti-Cuts Protest | Sheffield students protest against tuition fee rises and tax dodgers - Photos | Sheffield Occupation Marches Against Austerity | Sheffield Vodafone and Top Shop targeted in tax dodge demo

Related Features: Students March on Nick Clegg's Office and Occupy the Richard Roberts Building | Sheffield University Occupied in Opposition to Education Cuts

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Students March on Nick Clegg's Office and Occupy the Richard Roberts Building

Sheffield Indymedia | 01-12-2010 22:02 | Education | Public sector cuts | Sheffield

On Tuesday 30th November, as part of the nationwide "Day X2" protests, around 200-300 university workers, students and locals took on the 45 minute trek from the Sheffield University concourse to Nick Clegg’s (Sheffield Lib Dem MP and Deputy Prime Minister) constituency office in Fullwood. Despite the snow and heavy handed policing, which involved a ban "from going within 40 metres of Sheffield MP Nick Clegg's office", the protest returned to the University and proceeded to occupy the Richard Roberts building. The occupation has issued a set of demands and for the latest news visit the occupation web site.

Update 3/12/2010: With short notice Sheffield University have been granted an eviction injunction, but this has yet to be served.

There will be a demonstration against the cuts on Saturday 4th December, meet on the Sheffield University concourse at 12:00 and on Sunday 5th December, a Sheffield Against Cuts Public Rally, 16:00 in the Richard Roberts Auditorium.

A third national days of protests "Day X3", has been called for Thursday 9 December 2010, the date of the parliamentary vote on fee increases. The Sheffield reports from the first national day of action, can be found here: Sheffield University Occupied in Opposition to Education Cuts.

Newswire: Sheffield Occupation: a weekend of action against cuts | Students at University of Sheffield Occupation Threatened With Court Injunction | Sheffield University: Occupation Demands | Sheffield students protest against tuition fee rises - Photos | Sheffield Marches on Clegg and Sheffield University Occupied Again! | Bringing it all Back Home (Sheffield Student Demo)

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Sheffield University Occupied in Opposition to Education Cuts

IMC Sheffield | 24-11-2010 20:30 | Education | Public sector cuts | Sheffield

Students from schools, colleges and the universities demonstrated in the city centre on 24th of November in protest at the increase in tuition fees and education cuts. Following this students occupied the Hicks Building at Sheffield University. One of the occupying students explained the reason for this:

"We are occupying for a variety of reasons but generally around the common purpose of being against the cuts in this university, to other universities and to education in general. Particularly we want to demonstrate against the proposed rise in tuition fees and the ongoing privatisation of higher education. However, we are also tying our actions to a wider struggle against austerity measures and cuts."

The University evicted the occupation the following day.

On the same day there was a massive turn out for the launch of the Sheffield Anti-Cuts Campaign, listen to the speeches from the meeting. See also the recording of the Defending the state? Welfare cuts and the social wage meeting held in early November.

A second day of national protests has called for Tuesday 30th November 2010, assemble at Sheffield University students union campus on Western Bank at 12.00 noon to march to Nick Clegg’s office.

Newswire: Sheffield Marches on Clegg 30th Nov | Short Video of Student Protest in Sheffield on 24th November | University Security Attempt to Evict Student Occupation at Sheffield | Sheffield Anti cuts Alliance Meeting | Sheffield Against Cuts Meeting and March To Sheffield Uni Occupation | Sheffield Students Demo: Images Of The Police | Sheffield Students Demo: Images | Sheffield Students Demo | University of Sheffield Occupies! | Interview with an anarchist student occupier at Sheffield University | Sheffield Students Protest Against the Cuts | Statement from NUT executive members in support of the school walk outs

Links: Sheffield Occupation | Sheffield Occupation Messages of Support

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Free School Weekend 8-10th October 2010

IMC Sheffield | 08-10-2010 15:13 | Education | Free Spaces | Sheffield

The UK's Con-Dem government is promoting 'Free Schools' without realising that there is a long and proud history of counter-cultural, libertarian free schools across the world.

Here, the Sheffield Social Centre group organised a free school on the weekend of 8th to 10th October 2010 at 7 Smithfield, S3 7AR.

The weekend was well attended and included, urban scrumping, the UK premiere of Psywar (watch online | download | bittorrent | audio version), discussions about what is a social centre? and how can we bring about radical change in our society? and much more.

Photos: Images from Sheffield Free School | Sheffield Free School abundance urban scrumping

Audio: How can we bring about radical change in our society? | What is a social centre? | What's happening at the Free School?

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Save ESOL: Speak out because I can't

imc-sheffield | 23-04-2007 18:57 | Education | Migration | Sheffield

On 21st April 2007, protestors marched through the city centre to oppose the Government proposals to cut the provisions of free ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes.

At the moment, some ESOL classes are free to those on benefits, and can be accessed by asylum seekers and newly arrived refugees and others, such as migrant workers, who have an immediate need to begin learning English in order to manage their daily life-not to mention dealing with the bureaucracy of the Home Office, JobCentre, and other organisations.

Food Not Bombs had a stall in Bakers Pool and fed many of the protestors.

Photos | Report

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Rage Against Hallam

Anon | 11-02-2005 22:47 | Analysis | Education | Sheffield


Join the televised rally at 6pm on the 14th Feb at The National Centre For Popular Music, when Hallam will be re-opening the centre as a students union. The NCPM was built from lottery funding it is considered by some that its true ownership is that of the people.

The National Centre for Popular Music (NCPM) was built over five years ago as a visitor attraction centre for Sheffield using over £18 million of public money. The original project failed for various reasons and for a number of years this iconic building has been abandoned largely empty and unused at the heart of Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter — an area in which Sheffield's creative and digital industries are concentrated.

Action update: 1

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Earth First Summer Gathering

steve | 20-08-2003 23:35 | Ecology | Education | Free Spaces | Sheffield

The EF logo

A report from the UK's biggest direct action gathering.

This years EF summer gathering took place over 5 days from 13th August on an idyllic nature reserve near Ripon in North Yorkshire. These gatherings have been taking place annually now for almost a decade and continue attract around 4 - 500 people each year. There is no hype, no big name speakers to tell you how it is, and no mass marketing campaign advertising the event in cities all over the UK: all very different from say, the SWP's annual 'Marxism' event in London.

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04-12-2010 21:12

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01-12-2010 21:43

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22-11-2010 12:22

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07-11-2010 15:51

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24-10-2010 22:48

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13-10-2010 01:04

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09-10-2010 22:50

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27-09-2010 15:33 | 6 comments

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30-11-2006 23:01

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29-11-2006 09:08

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