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Incurable hippie | 23.01.2011 11:07 | Sheffield

Mozaz, aka Mark Wallis, was angry, unpredictable, stubborn and inconsistent.


But he was also passionate. And way more sensitive than many people gave him credit for. He was supportive, when he liked you, though whether he liked you or not could change at a moment's notice. But when he was on your side, he would back you up every step of the way, whatever the kind of support you needed was. Emotional support, practical support, and advice. He offered, and he meant it.

Mozaz was a great photographer who, like me, didn't see any contradiction in finding beauty as much in abandoned, derelict buildings as in the rolling countryside. And he found much beauty in both. He adored Sheffield and was certainly one of its characters.

And Sheffield, despite itself, will miss him.

As an anarchist, and a troublemaker, and with strong feelings about almost everything, he was often to be found at demonstrations and protests. As a person he found solace in hugging trees, he wasn't ashamed to admit he cried.

The last time I saw him he was proud to have spent the past few hours in a police station. He felt proud that he was considered to be enough of a threat to the state to be worth arresting. Before being released without charge he had made sure to inform all of the coppers of their union rights, urging them to seek advice about whether they should be enforcing fascist government policy. He was exhausting to be with. Everything had the potential to make him rant, often in unexpected ways. But there was an anarchist rave hidden behind every possible situation which could arise, and he never failed to provide it. He was a prolific blogger and was @ur32daurt on twitter.

Mozaz was hard work, but if you looked beyond what was immediately visible he was sensitive, supportive, intense and warm-hearted.

He died in the early hours of this morning after a time in Intensive Care with pneumonia. Through the last few days, since becoming aware of his being ill, I kept hold of the fact that he was surely indestructible. But sadly this proved not to be the case, and he has left this city a little quieter, he has left the police force with a little less work to do, and he has left many people, myself included, reeling.

I'm going to miss you Mozaz, you mad bugger.

Incurable hippie
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Funeral arrangements

27.01.2011 23:45

We finally have a date and time for Mozaz's funeral.

Mozaz's funeral will take place on Thursday 3rd February 2011

The 'service' will be at Grenoside Crematorium in the North Chapel starting at 12pm and finishing at 1:15pm

Skew Hill Lane, Grenoside, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S35 8RZ

Tel: 0114 245 3999

The 'service' will then be followed by a gathering of friends from 1:30pm onwards at :

Philadelphian Working Mens Club

4 Martin St

Sheffield S6 3DW

0114 272 1708

Friends are welcome at either or both venues.

The cortege will leave from outside George Barsnleys at a time yet to be arranged. ( I will post as soon as I know) It will then pass The Fat Cat and pause for a short while. We will then carry on to collect his mother and proceed to the crematoruim.

We will require coffin bearers but the number is limited, usually to 6. If you wish to do this will you email me so we can make arrangements. Also, if anyone wishes to stand up and say something it would be helpful for me to know for numbers etc. There will be a slideshow of pictures of Mozaz halfway through the 'service' so if you have any you'd like including, please let me know.

Any other questions, please just ask.

Thank you all


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Hide the following 26 comments

a sad loss

23.01.2011 13:27

all our love to those who had the pleasure of knowing this man, he was a free spirit and loved his community we will miss him dearly xx


My mate Mozaz

23.01.2011 13:50

Myself and a solid group of his closest friends were with him almost constantly for the last few days. He gave a bloody good fight and held on right to the bitter end. We said our goodbyes and he certainly looked at peace with himself and the world.

I knew Mozaz for more of my life than I didn't. He was one of my oldest and closest friends and had been there for me through thick and thin and me for him too. Yes he could be a complete pain in the arse but his passion for justice, freedom and everything good shone through. He had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him.

I am absolutely devastated by this and my life will have a huge fuck off Mozaz shaped hole in it that no one will ever be able to fill.



23.01.2011 14:18

I've only just got home from spending the weekend in Sheffield - most of it at the hospital. I'm still quite numb and not really sure what to say. I just want to echo everything that has been said above. Mozaz despite much conflict in his life was an incredibly caring man who would do anything for his friends. The world will be a much less interesting place without him.

Love you mate.

Heather x


Mr Mozaz

23.01.2011 15:51

I have spent virtually all weekend at the hospital to make sure that Mozaz was not alone and knew there was a bunch of us around for him. He fought till the end. He hung on for as long as he could. He died knowing that there was a group of people around him that understood him, good and bad.

I hadn't known Mozaz as long as some people, his death has broken my heart though. Watching videos of him today, looking at photos....he had so much more to give.

Keep exploring where ever you are Mozaz x x


Sad Loss

23.01.2011 17:16

A huge shock, I didn't know he was ill - I was only speaking to him a few weeks ago, he was explaining how to avoid a Section 40 - he was always good with things like that. Such a great loss for Sheffield and for people campaigning for fairness and equity. I'm sure Wear will have a huge welcome party for him when he finishes his journey. My condolences to those who knew him better. He made a impact wherever he goes and no doubt he'll be causing uproar up there once he gets his bearings.



Mick from Burngreave Street

@ Gosh Almighty

23.01.2011 20:23

Seriously mate, is there a point to that kind of post?

I've had several bad experiences of Mozzaz and i've always had massive disagreements with him about a lot of things he has said and done. I'm not his friend, which is why i wasn't going to say anything on here because i didn't know him well enough to be that affected by his death. However your comment has swung it. If you didn't like the guy, just leave it. Clearly he had people around Sheffield who cared about him who are obviously going to be upset by him dying. Like i say, i always had problems with him and it was always pretty frustrating trying to work with him, but at the end of the day, he was just an ordinary person, and saying you're glad about him dying slowly makes you a bit of a cunt really.

@ Gosh Almighty


23.01.2011 21:12

I knew him on the streets.

His combination of anger and love was unique.

I think in order to compensate:

We need to be more angry...

...and to love more.



23.01.2011 22:18

i met Mozaz many many years ago-- and he CHANGED the way i look at the world- forever.
such a shock to hear he's gone.
thankyou Mozaz.


Video tribute

24.01.2011 00:42!
That is actually a brilliant film I have to say I never actually ever met or spoke to Mozaz I know quite a few people who knew him well and quite a few that crossed swords with the guy.I cannot comment on the view expressed today regarding his character because I simply did not know the guy but one thing has to be said 45 is no age to pass away.I am relieved to hear that this guy did not die alone or uncared for.Rest in peace Mozaz.

Josh Dreamspirit
mail e-mail:

on a previous thread...

24.01.2011 02:03

...someone mentioned this guy was also 'underclassrising' here. Someone else later said that this was false. If it was the same person, then they didn't seem to like me, for no obvious stated reason. I liked underclassrising though, I didn't agree with most of their posts but they had a rare distinctive voice on IM.

If it was someone else, then they still sound like a gobshite from the testimony of the people who have saluted him here. Good on him for that, and to hell with the folk who complained on the previous thread. Any hellraiser who has people to praise them once they are gone, well, they are a better man than I can ever hope to be, or maybe just better friends.

I'll raise one glass to this good man. Fuck, there are damn few people I wish dead and Mozaz wasn't on my list. Salut!


Names he used...

24.01.2011 07:02

worldwarfree, underclassrising, pretentiousartist, all the same person...


He helped me when I needed help!

24.01.2011 09:28

I will miss him.

I did not see him much but when I did I appreciated him being around. He helped me and as far as I was concerned he was part of the EF! network, even though he was rejected by some, he was definitely one of 'US'.

Greenpeacedave - Leeds


cu l8r m8

24.01.2011 10:14



love and rage

24.01.2011 10:48

I am just preparing to go to my grandmother's funeral and I read this. I am deeply saddened.

Mozaz was a monumental pain in the arse and could be incredibly difficult to work with *but* had more passion and anger against the system than anyone I've met.

If you want proof positive that capitalism does screw people over *and* they can come through the other side, Mozaz was that proof.

Love and rage


Mozaz tribute

24.01.2011 11:53

What a brilliant and fitting tribute to a friend....a brother of the people...from a great friend obviously.
I agree with all what was said in this tribute, having known Mozaz for well over 12 an agitator....a comrade...a friend...and a brother.

I love the guy...for his positivity and genuine compassion - and I feel happy that he knew that big fat heart and head of his.

I love his friend too...and thankyou so much for a lovely tribute.

I am not ashamed to say that I also cried this morning - at his loss...after a phone call with the news last night.

I will, of course, be putting on LOUD, idealistic and snotty CrAss, Sex Pistols and Clash music memory of Mozaz, my friend.

AnArchy and RESPECT brother.

Noah Finnity

Farewell old pal

24.01.2011 14:37

Agitator, attention-seeker, egotitist, child-like fantasist. At his best one of the most amusing and inspiring people you could meet. Fabulously flawed and tirelessly passionate.
And these are just the good points ....


Mozaz - you were respected and you are Missed !

24.01.2011 21:02

I'd known Mozaz from about 1995 until 2005. He was always pleased to see me and then normally stuck in some insult to make me angry or just make me smile.

He WAS HELPFUL, especially with practical things. Best not talk about his rants in meetings and workshops...

We all die, but 45 is young. You are sadly missed by me Mozaz and I'm sorry not to have seen you for a long time. I'm glad you died quick and didn't suffer too much. I had Pneumonia and was on steriods and strong antibiotics in November with Swine Flu, so I feel lucky to have pulled through.

miss you and so sad that you have gone.

with lov (& RAGE !)
Richard xx

Richard (the Acme TaT years)

Thankyou to those there at the weekend

24.01.2011 21:30

I'm so glad he had people there with him in his last days who cared about him. Thankyou to those who did that.

I saw him a few weeks ago at a zine fair, and he was the same as he'd been every time I'd seen him in the decade and more; in the midst of radical people, fizzing with ideas, plenty of plans and his own angle to come at them from.

Yes, he was hard work sometimes, yes he was a mess of contradictions. Just like the rest of us.


Mozaz is Dead long live Mozaz

25.01.2011 14:58

Today at 8.15am Mark Mozaz Wallis (aka freak peace, mozaz, 0742 & e19896)
gained entrance to the former Rutland Arms that closed Sunday night.

With home made explosives (disguised as a Blue Moon chocolate cake) he
blew himself and the Rutland up, his last words being.

Why Dont You Turn Yourself Inside-Out?"
Jump off this earth
for a while
Why Dont You Turn Yourself Inside-Out?
look inside from outside
are you happy
with the reflection
Why Dont You Turn Yourself Inside-Out?

A copy of the video is being edited and due on You Tube we will also post

He left a note asking people to organise a mass sing in outside Sheffield
town hall the date has been left for us to decide the tune he wanted us to
sing was the following please rehearse.

Coward of the county.

Evryone considered him the coward of the county.
Hed never stood one single time to prove the county wrong.
His mama named him tommy, the folks just called him yellow,
But something always told me they were reading tommy wrong.

He was only ten years old when his daddy died in prison.
I looked after tommy cause he was my brothers son.
I still recall the final words my brother said to tommy:
Son, my life is over, but yours is just begun.

Promise me, son, not to do the things Ive done.
Walk away from trouble if you can.
It wont mean youre weak if you turn the other cheek.
I hope youre old enough to understand:
Son, you dont have to fight to be a man.

Theres someone for evryone and tommys love was becky.
In her arms he didnt have to prove he was a man.
One day while he was workin the gatlin boys came callin.
They took turns at becky.... there was three of them!

Tommy opened up the door and saw his becky cryin.
The torn dress, the shattered look was more than he could stand.
He reached above the fireplace and took down his daddys picture.
As his tears fell on his daddys face, he heard these words again:

Promise me, son, not to do the things Ive done.
Walk away from trouble if you can.
It wont mean youre weak if you turn the other cheek.
I hope youre old enough to understand:
Son, you dont have to fight to be a man.

The gatlin boys just laughed at him when he walked into the barroom.
One of them got up and met him halfway cross the floor.
When tommy turned around they said, hey look! ol yellows leavin.
But you coulda heard a pin drop when tommy stopped and blocked the door.

Twenty years of crawlin was bottled up inside him.
He wasnt holdin nothin back; he let em have it all.
When tommy left the barroom not a gatlin boy was standin.
He said, this ones for becky, as he watched the last one fall.
And I heard him say,

I promised you, dad, not to do the things you done.
I walk away from trouble when I can.
Now please dont think Im weak, I didnt turn the other cheek,
And papa, I sure hope you understand:
Sometimes you gotta fight when youre a man.

Thanks in advance, we will inform the list of other celebrations.

Mark Mozaz Wallis
- Homepage: http://

Oh Mozaz!

25.01.2011 15:04

This is so sad - how I shall miss the cantankerous old bugger! Would very much like to be kept in touch with any arrangements to see him off. Does anyone one know who's sorting this out? Happy to chip in if necessary.

mail e-mail:

Arrangements etc

25.01.2011 16:10

Myself, Andy, Heather and Emily are the ones who are organising Mozaz's funeral. The death certificate will be sorted in the next couple of days and then we shall liaise with the funeral directors. We have a pretty good idea of how it will be - eco friendly and alternative! As soon as we have a definate date etc I shall post on here. Many people have asked about financial contributions and that is also something we shall post about in the future.

For me it's been lovely to read the comments about the impact that Mozaz's life had on so many people. No-one is being false and painting him as a saint, just being honest about his character and beliefs. We all knew him as a grumpy, scruffy, cantankerous bugger but I am glad people also saw his kind, caring, generous and loyal side too - I did sometimes wonder if it was just me that saw him like that!!

We are all still reeling from the shock and I am sure he'll be having a good old laugh at us crying tears over him!

Thanks everyone and we will keep you all informed I promise.

Sam aka fairynormal


RIP Mozaz

25.01.2011 22:34

I first met Mozaz at a squat in Attercliffe. It was the start of a sparodic but always meaningful friendship. The thought of not seeing him in and around Sheffield fills me with sadness. RIP Mozaz - you'll be much missed.



26.01.2011 14:47

After some discussion, I have set up a website to try and co-ordinate what happens now.

We shall publish details of the funeral etc on here also.

As we all know, Mozaz led a chaotic and individual lifestyle. It has fallen to his close friends to make arrangements for his funeral and any memorial that is seen as fitting. We are taking great care to ensure that Mozaz has the final send off he deserves, one that is as individual as he was.

He was known by so many people from so many walks of life, many of whom have expressed a wish to contribute towards the cost of his final day. Hopefully this site is a way of co-ordinating these individual groups into one larger collective so we can all work together.

It has been decided that after funeral expenses have been paid and a suitable memorial has been decided upon, any further monies should be donated to Deacon Dave Havard to help in the continued struggles in Palestine, a cause that Mozaz was incredibly passionate about.

There is no pressure for anyone to contribute but if you feel you would like to, any amount no matter how small will be very much appreciated.

*Please note - the fundraising goal amount and suggested donation amounts are just abstract figures as the boxes had to have an amount! Please ignore.

With many thanks.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Mozaz made you think outside the box

26.01.2011 18:32

I was so shocked when Sam announced Mozaz's passing the other day.

We fought the peace gardens redevelopment together, some 14 years or so ago.

Yes, to some (particularly the insular and complacent) he could come across as a P-I-T-A.

Having known him for 25-odd years, I have to say he was a man of passion, for the causes he supported, Regarding the provocative, and sometimes controversial standpoints he could take -IMO he tried to shake folks out of their complacency, and make them think outside the box.

Whenever he and I bumped into each other on out wanderings around the city, we always found time to have a natter, (usually) having a conversation that was never banal, and, from his side always informative.

Sorry to hear of your passing, Mozaz:- as others have said, you had so much more to do, much more to give.

Plain Talker


28.01.2011 19:48

To try and guage numbers attending this group event has been set up. Please join if you can.!/event.php?eid=196334620380981

mail e-mail:

Predicted long ago

01.02.2011 01:37

I found this oblique and obscure reference:

Zanzibar Funf


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