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25th June 2007: Sheffield Floods

Chris | 27.06.2007 20:32 | Climate Chaos | Sheffield

A selection of photos from the Sheaf Valley: here the river didn't burst it's banks and the flooding was in the places where there are usually floods -- where the roads dip to go under the London train line.

6:35pm Little London Road
6:35pm Little London Road

6:35pm Little London Road
6:35pm Little London Road

6:38pm Footbridge over The Sheaf by Broadfield Road
6:38pm Footbridge over The Sheaf by Broadfield Road

6:38pm Footbridge over The Sheaf by Broadfield Road
6:38pm Footbridge over The Sheaf by Broadfield Road

6:42pm The Sheaf by Broadfield Road
6:42pm The Sheaf by Broadfield Road

6:42pm The Sheaf by Broadfield Road
6:42pm The Sheaf by Broadfield Road

6:48pm Saxon Road
6:48pm Saxon Road

6:53pm Chesterfield Road
6:53pm Chesterfield Road

7:06pm Little London Road
7:06pm Little London Road

These photos are not anywhere near as dramatic as the ones from the other side of town, see for example these on the Burngreave Messenger site:

The Sheaf didn't burst it's banks here, no doubt in part because it did further upstream, including at Millhouses Park where there was a tragic drowning of a 14 year old boy. At the junction of Broadfield Road and Clyde Road (,-1.476583&spn=0.000629,0.001628&t=h ) the level of the river was higher than the road -- the water was only contained by the flood walls.

There were quite a few people out in their customised Landrovers, seemingly driving around through the floods for kicks and a small number of people walking home.

Many other people from Sheffield will have far more interesting tales to tell about their experiences and many people are still without electricity and unable to returned to their homes due to flood damage.

Photos from the public sent to the mainstream media:


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Missing photo

27.06.2007 20:56

6:46pm The level of The Sheaf is above the level of Broadfield Road
6:46pm The level of The Sheaf is above the level of Broadfield Road

This one was supposed to be posted rather than one above...


disgusting local mps response to the flooding in sheffield

28.06.2007 00:56

i thourght it was absolutely disgusting that both blunkett and the hillsborough mp "whatever her name is" when called by the speaker at blairs final pm's p&q's made no mention of the damage caused to their constituants homes and to local business' instead they chose to take part in tony's final house of commons "love in"......sheffield city council are a disgrace as always its the poor who live in the flood plain area's adequate flood barriers no riverside protection and yet they steal from us year by year with council tax try spending some of it securing the homes of those people in brightside and the surrounding areas affected last monday.sure they are cleaning the city up now but you can bet they are more concerned about business and commerce getting back on its feet than local residents homes ruined cos they cannot afford to live anywhere else other than in the most vulnerable areas of sheffield. to listen to blunkett and that others idiot betts they made it sound as though its one of those things and people will just have to learn to live with it.will any leasons be learned will adequate flood barriers be errected i doubt warming climate change .....mmmm my jury is now out once again think maybe i might be starting to become a convert.cycling down through rivelin valley out to lower rivelin reservoir this evening seeing dead ducks beavers and other water dwellers washed up dead by the side of the road not a nice site very sad.



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  1. it may have been an otter — josh


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