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Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements.

ABC Anarres | 18.01.2011 00:14 | Policing | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Cambridge | Liverpool | Sheffield | South Coast | World

We have reposted with updates and corrections, this has many changes from previous post!

please flag up any mistakes and we will up date in 24 hours or so. We still need more factual information about their activities. The purpose of this post/thread is to create as clear a picture of the infiltrators as possible for activists worldwide.

If you wish to post about the bourgeois press then please post here.

PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"
PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"

“Marco Jacobs”, “Mark Stone”, “Lynn Watson”

Three police officers all thought to work for The National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU), a political police unit with extensive links to large corporations, have been exposed by activists in the UK.

Two of them are known to have worked outside of UK police jurisdiction. All have actively taken part in illegal activity.

"MARCO JACOBS" also known as “Mark Jacobs” Real name unknown

Infiltrated the Dissent! network of resistance against the G8 in Brighton, in 2004. Following suspicions that he was a policeman there, he moved to Cardiff, Wales where he successfully infiltrated Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN).

He encouraged ideological and personal splits within CAN.

He had at least one sexual relationship within activist circles.

Using his connections he then became involved in the Rising Tide Network. He was at the centre of a set of police raids and arrests that targeted climate justice activists, including one on his own flat.

He was involved in the No Border campaigns for freedom of movement. He was minute taker at UK wide gatherings. He had prior knowledge of No Borders successful blockades to prevent immigration snatch squad dawn raids on families,

He attended (with “Mark Stone”) a meeting in Poland prior to the G8 in Heligendam, It is believed that only one genuine UK based activist was at this event!

He travelled with UK activists to Germany to oppose the G8 in Heligendam, Germany 2007 and was actively involved in autonomous block planning at the Redelich camp.

In 2009 he attended planning meetings in Dijon for the Anti NATO resistance to take place in Strasbourg. He arrived with “Stone” . Set up website promoting this action.

He suddenly pulled out of attending the resistance to the G8 in St Petersburg Russia. Remained in contact with CAN activists in Russia.

Towards the end of his career in Cardiff, friends became suspicious of him and he was increasingly being left out of sensitive discussions. Ironically this included the location of the 2008 Camp for Climate Action, the location of which was known by a small group including “Watson” and “Stone”.

“MARK STONE” Real name Mark Kennedy

Distributed Zapatista Coffee 'Rebelde' from Germany to UK social centres In 2004.

Extensive involvement in Ireland
Ireland Early 2004 attended a grassroots gathering promoting Scotland G8,
Ireland 2004 Mayday protests. Involved in attacking police. Supplied defensive equipment. People serve prison sentences relating to material delivered by him from UK.
Ireland 2004 Protests against George Bush summit at Dromoland castle.
Ireland 2005 Attended EFYA winter meeting in Co Clare 2005 Attended a meeting and fund-raiser for the G8 in Belfast.
Ireland 2006 Attended the Anarchist Bookfair and then went to Rossport solidarity camp.

UK Coordinated transport for the Dissent network of resistance against the G8 camp in Stirling Scotland in 2005. (a fleet of minibuses) Gained name “Transport Mark”

Was involved in planing Camp for Climate Action “land group” from 2006 onwards often in driver role.

Was for a number of years involved in Climate Justice groups which faced repeated raids and arrests. These groups have been actively disrupted during this period.

Had sexual relationships with a number of activists.

Involved in anti-police anti corporate actions with Saving Iceland campaign in Iceland.

Was actively involved in Berlin radical left groups for some months prior to the Heligendam G8. Actively promoted a violent assault on Berlin business district. (Plan B)

Took part in riots surrounding the eviction of ungdomshuset “youth house” In Copenhagen Denmark.

Is believed to have visited Denmark after this point. (can Danish comrades confirm?)

Using established anarchist contacts in Denmark he was well placed to inform on UK activists and others attending the Cop 13 negotiations in 2009.

Involved in anti-fascist activity. Encouraged anti-EDL campaigners to attack coaches carrying members of the extreme nationalist group to Bradford in 2010.

More recent involvement in Animal Rights circles such as attending 2010 international AR gathering in Milan, Italy.

Appears to have moved into Private Spying. He shared a business address with a director of Global Open a company of private spies composed of ex -Special Branch, (political police.)

Kennedys role, has received intense media coverage in the UK, following the collapse of a court case against activists on Monday 10th January. This has led to highest ranking policeman Sir Hugh Orde defending infiltration of left wing groups on the Newsnight television programme.

Mark Kennedy spoke about his infiltration to extreme right-wing newspaper The Mail on Sunday, He claimed to have operational influence over German and Danish police.

Both “Marco Jacobs” and “Mark Stone” attended the Dissent! Europe gathering prior to Strasbourg, France anti NATO in 2009. They arrived together, very little real UK based activist involvement. (same time as G20 London)

“LYNN WATSON” Real name unknown

In late 2003 Lynn Watson attended event at Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory and then joined a Trident Ploughshares affinity group. NVDA anti nuclear weapons group.

She took part in non-violence training (one of the trainers didn’t get there as he was picked up on a warrant as he came off the ferry!) and attended a TP planning meeting.

During 2004 she also went to Aldermaston Womens Peace Camp and was very active in the Block the Builders campaign. (Direct action) She said she lived in Bournemouth and did care work.

In 2005 she moved to Leeds, Yorkshire. Active in environmental activist groups centred around anarchist social centre, The Common Place.
“Lynn Watson” used Bank Account.
Sortcode: 560054
Account Number: 33516774
IBAN: GB97NWBK56005433516774

Lynn was part of a small group who planned the site take for the Camp for Climate action in 2006 drax and 2007 Heathrow, less so 2008 kingsnorth.

Was member of UK Action medics collective, who provide first aid to the direct action community. Lynn was involved with UK action medics at Dissent G8 in Gleneagles 2005, and later that year at Earth First! gathering in Derbyshire. Later, she hosted an Action medics meeting at her house in Leeds.

She was also the UK contact when medics went to G8 in Russia, so the address they were staying at may have been passed on. (to Russian secret state?)
( “Marco Jacobs” filled similar role for CAN!)

Was member of the Rebel Clown Army. (unclear if this made them any less effective)

Had sexual relationships with some activists. Was “camera shy”.

Is not known to have operated outside of the UK. (one unconfirmed sighting with “Mark Stone” in Berlin May 2006)

“Watson” “Stone” and “Jacobs” seem to have disappeared from left political circles in the UK.

Please add factual comments/corrections here so that statement can been produced for distribution through Indymedia and associated networks.

Please do not post anything you do not have direct knowledge of or can show where it comes from.

Please do not reveal any names or information that may reveal names of people other than the police themselves.

Please do not post the fact you once had tea with one of the infiltrators, only facts which develop a picture of their political involvement.

If groups could make statements that would be helpful.
Face to camera shots of “Marco” and “Lynn” would be very useful
Please do not repost information from other media there is a discussion of other media here.

Comrades worldwide feel free to post here if you have information on these police officers.

This post includes comments left here....

ABC Anarres


We still need translation.

18.01.2011 00:20

This is for attention of all international activist groups and movements regarding known involvement of UK undercover political police in international networks

We need translation into French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Danish. Please post translations here.

We are would very much like to see Danish and Greek translations at the present time.

Please friends if you can help.

ABC Anarres


Hide the following 25 comments

Kennedy/Global Open Ltd connection

18.01.2011 08:42

You can be far more definite about the Kennedy/Global Open Ltd connection.

He was in contact with Global Open Ltd's Rod Leeming BEFORE he left the police. Global Open initially said that there had been some relationship but claimed that he was not infiltrating. Kennedy subsequently admitted that he had been a "consultant" but did not say what this involved.

Global Open claims that it works for pharmaceutical companies as well as those involved in construction and of course BAE. It seems reasonable to assume that after March 2010, Kennedy would have been concentrating on groups that Global Open was interested in. This would explain why he attended the animal rights gathering in Italy. It has also been confirmed that Global Open had EON as a client but its specific denial suggests that this contract ended before March.

EON’s head of security, a former Royal Marines corporal, Barrie Millett, is a close personal friend of Justin King who is "chief executive" of Lynceus which was formerly known as C2i International. Like Global Open, it operates spies in protest groups and was involved in infiltrating the absurd Toby Kendall into Plane Stupid. It has also been reported that another of its agents was Rebecca Todd who was involved in infiltrating Plane Stupid and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.


CIRCA connection?

18.01.2011 10:15

Your article asserts that "Lynn Watson" was involved in the Clown Army. What evidence do you have for this assertion? Also, are there any other pictures available of this individual, as I would like to be able to confirm this claim, and more pictures might help my meory? Cheers.

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:!/home.php?sk=group_118634618207221&ap=1

Lyn(n) as Clown

18.01.2011 10:58

See cropped photo here:

See thread for link to photo it was cropped from.

Bobs ya uncle

Mark Kennedy - The Danish Connection

18.01.2011 11:20

A couple of corrections/additional info about Mark Kennedy and the Danish Connection:

“Took part in riots surrounding the eviction of ungdomshuset “youth house” In
Copenhagen Denmark.

This is not correct. It is correct though that Mark Kennedy was in Copenhagen the winter of 2007, end of January and beginning/mid February, travelling from Copenhagen to Berlin and from there to Warsaw (for a preparation meeting for the G8 in Rostock), and then back through Berlin to Copenhagen again. Supposedly he left for the UK from Denmark by ferry.
He didn't participate in the riots around the eviction of Ungdomshuset – he wasn't in town then, but he did visit the house on one occasion whilst in Copenhagen in January 2007.

“Is believed to have visited Denmark after this point. (can Danish comrades

Mark Kennedy have visited Denmark on at least two occasions, first time I know of January/February 2007, as mentioned above and last, but not least, in march 2009 attending a Climate Justice Action meeting in preparation for the COP15 later that same year. As far as I know he hasn't been in Copenhagen since that March 2009 meeting.

So in terms of Mark Kennedy
“Using established anarchist contacts in Denmark he was well placed to inform
on UK activists and others attending the Cop 13 negotiations in 2009.”
(I suppose you mean COP 15), I think that contact between activists based in Copenhagen with Mark Kennedy about anything regarding the COP was very limited due to several things:
- his reluctance to use encryption on emails (lucky for those of us who thought him a friend, and didn't send him any info because of this fact).
- him not being in Denmark (to my knowledge) since March 2009

This, of course, is not to say that he didn't inform on people with regards to the COP.

He was on several mailing lists concerning the mobilisation towards the COP 15 but surely (hopefully) he didn't get any valuable or compromising information from that.
Different email addresses that he has used have been posted previously in the comments for this article:

from Denamrk


18.01.2011 11:42

Thanks for that. If that is her, then as far as I am aware her involvement in the Clown Army was over by the time that we took part in the ESF and mobilised for the G8 in Scotland. The photo is of an action at an MP's office in Leeds, which I think occoured in about 04. Oh, and I'm fairly sure that the artist formerly known as Marco visited us in our social centre here in Aberystwyth in 2005.

mail e-mail:

Kennedy & "Watson" at Drax

18.01.2011 11:44

Both Mark Kennedy and "Lyn Watson" participated in direct action at the first Camp for Climate Action at Drax, Yorkshire.

Kennedy was arrested after helping plan and carry out a blockade at a nuclear power station (see

On the main day of action against Drax coal-fired power station, both Kennedy and "Watson" were part of a group that broke away from the main march and reached the power station fence. This is where Kennedy took a beating from some of his uniformed colleagues, as detailed in his Mail on Sunday article, when he recieved broken fingers and other injuries. Contrary to his media claim, however, Kennedy initiated this confrontation, verbally and physically provoking the officers to attack him, which they did, with relish. "Lynn Watson" was right there at the time, and seemed keen to keep activists by the fence. It's hard to guess what these two were trying to achieve as part of this action, but they were up to *something* there.


@ fleaboat

18.01.2011 12:09

As far as I can see, Kennedy is not in this picture. He was part of a smaller group which locked onto a rarely-used rear gate to prevent it being used as an alternative. There is a picture of him there on the main thread (though with face obscured).


Thankyou all very much

18.01.2011 12:30

particularly the correction from Denmark we will change the Text soon.

@ friend from Denmark

Policeman Mark Kennedy claims in the Mail on Sunday ( an extreme right wing mainstream newspaper) that he informed Danish police about the defences at the Youth House. It would be interesting to discover the relationship between UK and Danish police. If he is in Denmark watching Danish citizens for a UK police unit is he not a spy?

there have quite been a few pictures floating around with this cop dressed as a clown. (and probably clowns dressed as cops!!!) Are you now convinced?

@AK There are various Indymedia threads relating to Kennedy s involvement with the private firm Open Global . It would be worth collating them separately to this list here. Would you be interested in doing this? It is vital work.

Obviously if we can establish an overlap then it raises very interesting questions about whether NPOIU work for the state alone. It implies that the services of police are for sale.

ABC Annares would like to focus on compiling facts about the actions of the infiltrators if others could take on the vital investigation tasks we would be very happy.

Keep the infos coming!

ABC Anarres

Something to learn here folks

18.01.2011 12:35

"his reluctance to use encryption on emails (lucky for those of us who thought him a friend, and didn't send him any info because of this fact)."

Kinda of looks like our Danish friends were a bit more protected than us Brits!



18.01.2011 13:19

I wasn't questioning the truth of the claim that she was in CIRCA. Just curious as to when and whether one could shed more light on her activities. The photo I saw first resembled a couple of women who were involved, and I wasn't sure whch one might be her.


Lynn G8 Russia correction

18.01.2011 14:08

"She was also the UK contact when medics went to G8 in Russia"
My original statement (where I think this info comes from) regarded first-aid training provided PRIOR to G8 in Russia. This training took place in Lvov, Ukraine and it is this address (and potentially the names of those residing there) which may have been passed on by "Lynn Watson".

I do not know if she was also the UK contact for those who attended the actual G8 mobilisation.


re Lynn Watson and Rebel Clown Army

18.01.2011 18:31

Can any Leeds Clowns confirm she was a member of your gaggle?

If I remember correctly, it was 2007 when I did a Rebel Clown Training for a lot of students and others at Coulport Nuclear arms dump.
A friend who had Clowned during the G8 had passed her old uniform on to me, and I passed it on to someone (presumably Watson) along with some other Rebel Clown paraphernalia to those interested. My friend and I recognise the particular uniform Watson is wearing in the picture, as my friend's.

So it would appear she wasn't in the Rebel Clown Army until well after the G8 in Gleneagles, and by 2007 most Rebel Clowns were inactive.

I don't see the point of any cop infiltrating the Rebel Clown Army. What are they going to find out? That we like to play? That we may pay a visit to Army recruitment or join an anti-war protest?
Police Intelligence is an oxymoron!

All this appears to show is that the Rebel Clown Army scared the cops and other authorities as they couldn't understand where we were coming from or anything else about us.

Over to you Leeds gaggle.

Major Cock-Up

@major cockup

18.01.2011 20:02

Sorry, but all the pictures I have seen of this person are from much earlier than that. They seem to suggest that she was involved before the ESF in London, with most of these appearing to be taken during the Leeds gaggle's actions in an MPs office and in the army recruiting station, including some that seem to have been taken from the Leeds video.


P.S. To Major Cockup.

18.01.2011 20:09

Also have heard from JJ that he remebers her too, and as he had pretty much stopped clowing after the G8 in Scotland, this makes an earlier date much more likely. On a personal note, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on askeing what they might hope to gain from infiltrating us, but would add that this individual's apparently short-lived involvement suggests that perhaps this was their conclusion too... Finally, there is some talk of reviving the Clown Army, with trainings occoring in London and Manchester very soon... Watch this space!


Sorry for cock-up

18.01.2011 23:34

Cheers Bob, I've now seen the pic the crop was taken from and remember it from before I gave Clown uniform away.

I'm still All Over The Place!

pip pip :-)

Major Cock-Up

Reviving the Clown Army?

19.01.2011 06:28

Really, please don't. That'd be almost as bad as finding out about all these undercovers.

Please NO!

Bandits at 12 O'Clock

19.01.2011 10:47

Given what that the previous year's camp had seen Trident Ploughshares break into the military section of Prestwick Airport 3 nights in a row, perhaps her being on site was more significant than the clowning?

It may be a good idea for groups to start sharing her known email addresses to make sure they are weeding out their lists.

Snoopy versus the Red Baron

Lynn Watson email address was

19.01.2011 12:25 was definitely her email address and possibly as well as well but that is not confirmed as definite during her commonplace years.


clown army were great@faslane they made afew bullying officers look like idiots

19.01.2011 13:20

literally like charlie chaplin they danced & playfully poked at them,
disrupted their movement,freeing our,etc,etc,+ took the energy out of the polices authority & kept activists cheerful. Well done clowns,@ same time police knew they would look even more silly arresting them. One small squad of clowns can tie up 100 policemen or more

some "proper" activists need to get a sense of perspective & humour, their might of been afew twatty clowns, same goes for other activists

Iam always willing to fight C18 in self defence no problem, same for chaplin if you see the way he moved, he was handy& his great dictator, was the best ever propaganda against nazis before WW2.
I knew Marco & Mark well they both encoraged uncoordinated actions,that compromised activists, especially mark kennedy. They also both seemed to have no real passion about the causes themselves,"re they never or hard;y ever turned up@ meetings where we would plan& discuss ideas& building society beyond capitalism.
They turned up allover on their own without mates& nothing was known about their family or connections, this doesnt always indicate a undercover some people are just like that, but these guys werent hermits.

"the great dictator"


19.01.2011 15:57

Reviving the Clown Army?

19.01.2011 06:28
Really, please don't. That'd be almost as bad as finding out about all these undercovers.



New photo of Lynn Watson

20.01.2011 00:57

COP: "Lynn Watson"
COP: "Lynn Watson"

From the guardian

- Homepage:

STONE - international - corrections/additional info

20.01.2011 15:53

I think the meeting attended by Stone before the anti-NATO protests was near Strasbourg, not in Dijon (unless there were two different meetings).
He did attend a meeting near Strasbourg in January 2009.
He did not attend the anti-Nato protests in April.
He was in London at the G20 mobilisation.

He was also arrested in Dubin at the Mayday 2004 mobilisation, held for a short period of time and then (surprisingly) released.


lynn - a clown

20.01.2011 23:39

people still seem to be questioning "lynn's" clown army involvement.
photos of her as a clown that have been posted all date from 2004 actions (leeds day of action was one of the very early clown army operations). i have no knowledge of her invovement or otherwise any later than that (i'd suspect not , far as i know most leeds clowns from that era didnt continue clown army involvement)

a leeds clown

@ a leeds clown

21.01.2011 01:35

I don't think that I ever actually questioned that this Lyn person was a clown. I asked the question not because I doubted it but because, as someone who has a fairly extensive archive of clown related material I wanted to narrow down the time frame of her involvement in order possibly to find more pictures of her and evidence of her activities. Howver, I have come to the same conclusion as you have, that she was involved in the Leeds actions that you mentioned and almost certainly not after that, as if she had been I would undoubtedly recognise her.


David Myatt is Another Dangerous MI5 Agent Provocateur

08.08.2011 11:31

David Myatt has been an agent provocateur for about thirty years.

He was the one who encouraged David Copeland to plant bombs in the Admiral Duncan, Brick Lane and Brixton. Then Myatt was allowed to walk free.

For over a decade after that Myatt was allowed to endorse the killing of women and children in his hate material and he still hasn't been arrested.

The definative article on David Myatt's three decade campaign of lies and duplicity is here:

For discussions on Myatt's links with Mi5 and Satanism see:

Rupert Bear


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