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EDL Terrorists Prepare For Bradford's Armageddon

Dettol | 19.07.2010 23:19 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield

As the countdown to the EDL's violent invasion of Bradford approaches, the EDL's hardcore nutzi and racist football hooligan activists preparing to "hit Bradford" for "The Big One", their chance to inflict permanent hatred, fear and terror into the heart of multicultural Britain, the EDL are testing the patience of the police in preparation for "the mother of all race riots", as the Facebook EDL supporters like to call it.

Online, the EDL's facebook site has given up on the pretence of window-dressing as their band of fascist bootboy thugs practice for the ultimate act of racial and religious terror when thousands of masked neo-Nazis arrive in Bradford to attack all-things Asian. It's not just the EDL who will attend in their thousands. There will be BNP, BPP, C18 and Ulster Unionists out looking to beat-up people and destroy property.

Another pro-EDL website, the American far right "Atlas Shrugs" features comments from EDL supporters calling for mosques to be blown up in acts of neo-Nazi terror, which makes an absolute mockery of the troll catchphrases that "the EDL are not Nazis".

Over the weekend, hoards of brainless neanderthal racist thugs turned native and started attacking police, shoppers, passers-by in a frenzy of uncontrolable racist thuggery that refused even to discriminate between Muslim mosques and Hindu temples, trashing a Hindu place of worship in a fervour of out-of-control drunken mayhem.

So much for the warnings of the EDL looking to destroy Bradford as being alarmist. Bricks, bottles, and metal girders were used in the EDL's arsenal of weapons, as the recent promises to kick things off big-time in Bradford were given the light of day in a testbed pogrom in Dudley. The planned mega-mosque in Dudley had been cancelled, and yet, like Oswald Mosley's uniformed thugs, the EDL's real plan is to cause a permanent breakdown of community relations, which is why some of Northern Ireland's bloodiest murderers with links to C18 (residing on social networking site Bebo) are helping to organise the forthcoming Mother Of All Riots at street level.

As they did early in the year, the hardcore football hooligans of the EDL broke away from the police cordon planning to destroy Asian-owned businesses, and yet, coming as a surprise even to the Murdoch-controlled Sky News (cousin of Fox News in the US), only twenty or so arrests were made.

Bradford is still recovering from the riots of 2001, and many shops are boarded up, the city centre a ghost town, compared with neighbouring towns and cities including Leeds, Wakefield and Huddersfield. It doesn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to know that one more night of race riots will leave Bradford knocked out for the count, unable to function. Not to mention a million pound plus policing bill which will cost local people a damaging increase in their council tax, while the EDL's suggardaddy Alan Lake keeps his hands in his pockets.

Compared to other multicultural cities, Bradford has no problem of religious fundamentalism, and has moved on considerably since Salman Rushdie, but we all know why the EDL are coming to Bradford. Wealthy supremo Alan Lake, the funder of the far-right Swedish Democrats (friends of the BNP), knows the importance of Bradford in his race-hate masterplan to infect Britain with Dutch-style Islamophobic paranoia. A few months ago, he posted on the internet his vision of anti-Muslim Kristallnachts happening throughout Europe, especially in Britain, where he loathes the fact that most citizens do not share his racist views.

Permanently shattering any lingering illusions that the EDL are harmless cretins simply up for a scuffle with anyone, and are not the footsoldiers of a forthcoming all-out racial conflict, regular EDL-supporting posters on the Atlas Shrugs blog (hosted in the United States by Pamela Geller, the raving loonie "self-loathing" Jewish far right collaborator who libellously claimed that Barack Obama isn't American and forged his birth certificate), have been paving for way for a large scale white terrorist outrage to happen in Bradford to coincide with the EDL's impending violent storming of the city (see the screenshots).

Internet trolls and liberal rose-tinted spectacle wearers of the liberal and liberterian persuasion have long argued that many EDL members are redeemable, just like Christian evangelists strongly believe most sinners have repentance in them. It is however, difficult to argue that a baying mob of racist football hooligans chanting "Fuck Allah" and "Smack The P*kis", trying to ransack Asian-owned shops, have any goodness in their heart worthy of salvation. While some just want a ruck with anybody, the vast majority of EDL thugs are BNP voters who are anti-immigrant as much as specifically anti-Muslim, and see the EDL as their chance to gang up, and (with a blind eye of the police and political establishment), violently destroy multicultural Britain.

Plenty of jobs have been lost as a knock-on effect of the excesses of corporate capitalism, and foreign workers have been scapegoated by parties such as the BNP, and even Gordon Brown's "British Jobs For British Workers", but it is hard to believe Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) and his cohorts are struggling on the breadline, unable to scape together morsels of food to feed little Bobby Cratchett, while swanning up and down the country on expensive rail tickets, however revolutionary the misguided footsoldiers of the EDL might appear.

The EDL is a counter-revolutionary "crusade" designed to divide and conquer the victims of society by skin-colour and religion, and although some members will be gullible, and just in it for a fight, the lumpen majority are hardcore racist, who hate (and have always done) Asian people, black people, and (contradictorily) are fervently homophobic. They didn't join the EDL to overthrow the state in a political revolution, but rather seek to oppress minorities, while cowering behind the pretence of opposing Islamic extremism.

A tiny minority of EDLers might, by changing their friends, drinking in different pubs, and stopping reading rightwing tabloid newspapers, undergo a miraculous conversion to peace, love and light, changing from hatred to injustice, but sadly, most EDL thugs enjoy being racist and violent, no-matter how much they are forced to read Das Kapital, live in a squat, and burn joss sticks. The fascist organisation's rank-and-file members have been ironically brainwashed into living their lives on a tangent of violent extremism on a parallel with their idealogical foes in Al-Qaeda.

The attached screenshot shows EDL terrorists advocating blowing up mosques in fatal acts of terror. In an age where young Muslim students are locked up for accidentally clicking on the wrong website, surely these EDL members should be traced by MI5. Or is the state only interested in brown-skinned web assailants???

What is beyond explanation is how the authorities have continued to allow the EDL to inflict violence, fear and hatred into stable communities such as Dudley, knowing full well of what will be happening in Bradford in just six weeks time, when their misguided mission to uphold free speech of the British far right will give way to post-riot law lord commision reports and Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy-style handwringing.

Forget Yorkshire Forward! Whether under the New Labour or Conservative administration, the Public Order Unit is one quango that should most definately disappear. While permitting police to use lethal force onto G20 protestors in London, since the Sheffield interrogation of Mr Yaxley-Lennon, the police have scrapped impartiality, turning their back on the outcome of the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry to side with street fascism.

Since Sheffield, despite stones and bottles being thrown at policemen and women, while the UAF have encountered raised batons and truncheons, the far right EDL have very much been left to do as they please. Even Wigan Mike and Liam Pinkham (Pino88) have got off lightly for serious terrorist offences, leaving many people scratching their heads in utter disbelief.

While militant anarchists would much rather take the EDL on in running street battles, a government ban making use of ASBOs is the only way a deadly riot can be averted, casualties guaranteed. Bradford City Centre already resembles a bomb site, with plenty of building materials strewn all over to be used as missiles. Lloyds Bar is located in the centre of Centenary Square next door to a popular oriental restaurant which serves Halal food, plus an Asian shisha lounge, which will be obvious targets for racially-motivated violence.

The Bradford Riots of 2001 began when the police failed to stop a racist attack outside a bar on Ivegate, and rioters were chased down Thornton Road and into inner-city Manningham. If there is a perceived injustice on August the 28th 2010, aided and abbetted by the unpoliceablity of the EDL's visit (local officers busy, the Leeds festival taking place on the same weekend), expect all hell to break loose. The EDL's YouTube legions tell us with glee that Bradford will turn into World War III, a self-fulfilling prophesy which seems, as the day approaches, more and more unavoidable.

When the post-riot magistrates are in session, will young Asian men reacting to the EDL's provocative presence, be given six years each for throwing single stones at the police, while the primarily guilty EDL thugs escape with paltry community service orders???





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The State's Double Standards!

19.07.2010 23:33

If Asian would-be terrorists would have wrote such things about blowing up churches, it would have been on the front cover of the Sun, Daily Mail and the Star, the assailants would have been traced via their IP Addresses, and they would have been hung out to dry.

MI5/MI6 won't even bother tracing these EDL members inciting acts of terror upon British mosques cos they are white.

If the EDL are allowed to march on Bradford, there will have to be 24 hour police protection.

The policing bill will go onto everyone's council tax, meaning more first schools will close, less new council houses will be built, and massive council tax rises. Also the Westfield Centre and city centre water garden development won't be built.

Why the fuck can't racist multi-millionairre Alan Lake be made to foot the bill for his terrorist blackshirts?

Finger On Mouse


19.07.2010 23:45

Anyone, no-matter how fanatical, can join the EDL as there is no official membership.

I reckon the people posting this come from Belfast with their IRA references.

It doesn't surprise me there are EDLers planning to blow-up mosques.


tone luck

Terrorist Scum

19.07.2010 23:55

I don't give a shit if the EDL are working class, middle class or upper class, or come from from Planet Zog. They are scum! End of story!


the edl are racist sickoes

19.07.2010 23:58

I wish the EDL would stop calling Muslim people "muzzies", the filthy evil racist scum!


EDL Grasses

20.07.2010 00:22

The evil racist fuckwits will stop at nothing to destroy Bradford. There are many people in and outside the BNP who would most happily act on this incitement to plant bombs outside mosques, as the white supremacy movement gains strength in Britain.

It's true that after Sheffield, the EDL are treated gently by the cops with less arrests than before.

Tommy Robinson's a grass!


Has it been a month already?..

20.07.2010 00:26

This person is back, frothing at the mouth, offering no solutions or worthwhile analysis.

Everything is off Facebook or the Internet - everything an assumption.

Don't suppose that matters to you though does it....

Oh, yes, and I'm a NAZI for saying it.



The real threat to Britain

20.07.2010 01:02

Yes, there are a few Islamic nutters out there but a much greater menace to our country is drunken thugs. EDL OFF OUR STREETS!



20.07.2010 01:03

What the fuck have 'joshsticks' got to do with Das Kapital you massive prick?!


Incitement To Commit Acts of Terror

20.07.2010 07:13

Incitement to blow up mosques is a serious criminal offence that should be investigated by the police. For writing this evil shit, the EDL members who advocate acts of terrorism should and must be locked up behind bars.

The EDL are anything but harmless. They're hardcoe nazis, and their violent behaviour in Dudley illustrates how they should be banned, but won't be.

The cops should insist that the American hosts of the Atlas Shrugs blog pass on the details of the EDL posters to the UK police, but this won't happen since the EDL did a deal with special branch in Sheffield ensuring they receive an easy ride compared to the UAF.

pingu the penguin

fuck off back to stormfront, fascist edl trolls

20.07.2010 07:20

Fuck trevor kelway and his legion of edl trolls lurking on indymedia - there are terrorists within the edl who want to bomb asians out of britain, something the trolls would be happy with, defending the indefensible just cos they want to play down the edl before the big one kicks off in bradford.

Expect m0re than just a riot if the EDL are not banned, which they wont be.

The edl indeed want to catch everyone unaware and unleash an outrage that will make asian people feel unwanted in britain.

mike p


20.07.2010 07:34

So the EDL want to "show to the world that Islam doesn't belong in Britain" by blowing up mosques.

About time the Atlas Shrugs webshite was closed down before EDL members follow this terrorist advice.

This is no laughing matter. There are just as many white than asian potential terrorists, so why do the secret secret services only pick on young Asian men, while ignoring the white power menace?


Malcolm X

20.07.2010 07:39

Bradford will not stand back and allow the edl to burn down mosques to drive us out of Britain just like Israel oppresses Palastine.

Malcolm X Fan

arrest the edl scum

20.07.2010 07:51

The EDL want to reinact Mississipi Burning in british mosques.

The terrorist inciters who posted these comments must be arrested.


Tabloid Paranoia

20.07.2010 08:04

Muslim people are NOT taking over Britain, and anyway, even if this crazy bullshit was happening,which it wasn't, burning down Islamic places of worship is not the answer, whatever the score. The recent Daily Express headline using the word "ethnics" panders to the EDL's extreme racism.

If a fifth of Britains will be not white by 2050, and many of these Christian Africans, how the fuck will Britain ever become an Islamic state?

The same lies were used in Bosnia where Bosnian Serb genocidal soldiers murdered Muslims accusing them of "taking over the country".

The EDL must not be underlooked. They are filling city centres with far more racist thugs than the BNP or NF ever did.

It's time the left stopped pussyfooting around, believing that the EDL aren't fascist when they want to blow up mosques for god's sake.

If it wasn't for the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Express the EDL would not exist. The original Luton protest only happened because of taloid hysteria about anti-war protestors in luton and became a large scale fascist movement.


Then The EDL Came......

20.07.2010 08:10

"THEY CAME FIRST for the British Muslims,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Muslim.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the anarchists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't an anarchist.

THEN THEY CAME for all immigrants, socialists, non-conformists and non-white Anglo-Saxan people, backed by UKIP and Conservative Party backbenchers galore,
and I didn't speak up because I am British and white.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Pastor Niemoller

Ban The EDL

20.07.2010 08:16

Yes! Poignant point.

How come Islam4UK got banned for calling soldiers w names but the EDL weren't banned for serious racial incitement and real physical violence in British towns and cities, or are they really part of the state apparatus?

pete dawson

Arrest Yaxley-Lennon

20.07.2010 08:24

The so-called "English Defence League" aren't defending Britain from no-one, so they can return to the Mein Kampf sewer that they came from. If blowing up mosques to get a violent reaction from British Muslims is the EDL's (not so) secret strategy, Yaxley-Lennon must be arrested for conspiracy also.


Terrorism And The Law!

20.07.2010 08:29

Terrorism, as defined by the Terrorism Act 2000, includes: serious violence against a person, serious damage to property, endangering a person's life - not including endangering the life of the person committing the action - creating a serious risk to the health and safety of the public, and any action designed seriously to interfere with or disrupt an electronic system.

The other possible prosecution for incitement of terrorism is incitement to commit an offence overseas. It is immaterial whether the person incited is in the UK at the time of the incitement

The Terrorism Act creates a specific offence where a person INCITES another person to commit an act of terrorism wholly or partly outside the United Kingdom. The motives discussed above must also be present.

The action being incited would have to amount to one of the following offences if committed in England: murder, wounding with intent, poisoning, causing an explosion or endangering life by damaging property.

Calling for the blowing up a mosque, should mean these EDL scumnags who posted this are arrested.

anti-racist legal exec

Extremists Are Sometimes White

20.07.2010 08:58

All religions have their extreme elements, and you get Christian extremists (see the picture from an American fundamentalist church the Westboro Baptists).

The fascist rulers of the EDL are using a handful of Islamic hotheads to persecute the average Asian muslim man in the street, setting working class brothers against working class brothers.




20.07.2010 09:06

The e.d.l. are nothing but violent racist bigots.

They are not the revolutionaries they make out to be.

Fuck nationalists, and i am glad that england lost the football.


What is wrong with chanting "Fuck Allah"?

20.07.2010 10:02

From the article: 'It is however, difficult to argue that a baying mob of racist football hooligans chanting "Fuck Allah" and "Smack The P*kis", trying to ransack Asian-owned shops, have any goodness in their heart worthy of salvation.'

I can understand racist chanting and violence is bad, but surely it's perfectly reasonable to chant "Fuck Allah"?

Gods are only mythical human creations used to explain things that people didn't understand, and used to control people. I don't have any objection to being abusive about fictional invisible men in the sky.

I agree fuck the EDL though, so sorry if this comment appears overly critical.

Fuck Allah, Fuck God, Fuck Yahweh and Fuck the EDL!


US freedom of speech

20.07.2010 10:16

The Atlas Shrugged website is in the US, and I don't think raising the idea of blowing up mosques in general is illegal in the US - they take their "freedom of speech" quite seriously. I think it would have to be a more specific threat to come under the incitement laws.

Also, we don't know that the posters on the screenshot are anything to do with the EDL other than being sympathisers - they could just be US teenagers.

I'd be wary of asking for state crackdowns on this kind of rhetoric - it could equally well be used against us. The EDL may be scum but the government have power as well.



20.07.2010 10:21

what's with the 'the-edl-was-set-up-by-the-state' thing in the www. address at the top of the original article?

nazi troll

Dudley Mayhem

20.07.2010 11:54

Guramit Singh gave a speech to the EDL praising Kevin Smith for placing a pig's head on Dudley mosque while the EDL rampaged through Dudley and smashed up the local Sikh Community Centre proving that the EDL are racist and thick.

The EDL were chanting their vitriolic and racist abuse throughout the day in Dudley, which was directed at any asian person who happened to be nearby.

They were animals. At King St, it was absolute pandemonium where they went on the rampage, cars were being attacked by drunken EDL hooligans, racist abuse at anybody non-white, and missiles thrown at innocent people.



20.07.2010 12:02

They targeted any brown face in Dudley, not muslim extremists but single asian women in cars, hindu temples, leaving a pigs head at the mosque door.

How the hell is this challenging islamic extremism?

The EDL are extremists themselves and taking this to acts of terrorism is the only conclusion I can see happening as the EDL's racism gets more and more desperate as the moderates within the party start to shun them.

The asian community will always challenge the arrival of EDL into their communities as EDL's intent is clear... To intimidate, abuse and attack asian men and women.


Quid Pro Quo

20.07.2010 14:55

In reply to the childish troll (yawn!), who thought that he had conquered Indymedia by sneaking into the recent meeting with his friends... What do the bootboy lackeys of the EDL know about representing the working class when they hate Asian people, doing multi-millionairre Alan Lake's dirty work?

Since the break up of the BNP, British racists everywhere have been crying out for "p**i bashing" NF style to start again, and hey-ho, the EDL have come along, backed up by slick marketing, a snazzy website, and plenty of dimit steroid-pumping fash skins accompanied with extreme rightwing football hooligans.

It's been said you losers have been waiting for Bradford all along, but is Bradford waiting for you?

What's this I read recently about EDL losers trying to purchase body armour ready for the Bradford riots.


bullshit nutzi loser

20.07.2010 15:01

"you nobs dont like edl because they are settin the agenda"..

In your dreams nutzi piece of shit.

The edl's day is almost nigh when everyone turns against you.

Watch this space......


The thing...

20.07.2010 15:44

...I most hate about this frequent poster to Indymedia is how it claims to represent everyone on 'the left' - when there are some decent people knocking around who have nothing in common with it at all. By allowing this person to post of here in this vapid fashion, screaming and shouting and backing its own article up with comments by itself, Indymedia is going down the pan.

Completely separate to how I feel about this moron, however, isn't it about time the newswire is moderated a little more to stop this from happening. With maniacs like this one around things are only going to get worse!

Indymedia should be a great resource, but attention seekers like this (and those with ulterior motives) are killing it slowly....


Kidnappers In The EDL

20.07.2010 18:34

Information has come to light that an EDL member who gave a speech at last weekend’s Dudley demonstration has a dark criminal past rooted in people smuggling and kidnap plots.

East Sussex resident Allan Heatherington-Cleverley – who changed his name from ‘Allan Gallop’ and goes by various portmanteau aliases – was jailed for four years in February 2005 for his part in smuggling illegal Chinese immigrants across the channel in inflatable boats. He is believed to be on early parole.

Heatherington-Cleverley and accomplice caught by cops smuggling Chinese illegals
Apparently, the EDL do not dislike illegal immigrants enough to refuse their money.

Aside frm this callous crime and his obvious disregard for the law, this was not the first time Heatherington-Cleverley had found himself on the wrong side of the police. According to Geoffrey Giuliano and Dennis Laine’s book, ‘Blackbird The Unauthorised Biography Of Paul McCartney’:

“Life in the passing lane has not always been easy, and
in 1983 this unhappy truth was brought all too close to home with
the uncovering of a deadly serious plot to kidnap Linda from the
McCartneys’ Sussex home and hold her for $12.5 million ransom. It
was masterminded by former Brit soldier Allan Gallop, who, along
with two additional unnamed co-conspirators, planned to snatch
Paul’s unsuspecting missus in a Rambo-style military raid on the
McCartney compound. Said to have spent the better part of a week
stalking the famous pair, Gallop had intended, after the abduction,
to hold Linda at a remote farmhouse until the always tricky transfer
of funds could be accomplished. “I could have done it easily,” he
later bragged to London’s Sun, “despite McCartney’s state-of-the-art security measures.” Fortunately, the would-be kidnappers never got the chance, foiled by local cops before they could make their big move. A McCartney spokesman would say only that too much was being made of the affair, noting that by the time the story reached the attention of the media, the incident was already more than a year old.”

Heatherington-Cleverley’s past came to light after this speech at the English Defence League’s disastrous ‘demonstration against militant Islam’ in Dudley on Saturday:

The former Inkerman Battalion Grenadier Guard’s past will also anger and embarrass the MOD, who are already believed to have reprimanded several currently serving military personnel over their involvement with the EDL.

Heatherington-Cleverly served with the Grenadiers for seven years between 1971 and 1997, and remained with the army in a variety of roles, including – according to his own claims – deep-sea diving. Following his departure from the Armed Forces, he then became a mercenary in Africa.

From Hartford HWP:

Allan Hetherington an Ex-Grenadier Guard says he likes his job not because of killing people. He considered killing people, as he put it: an “occupational hazard, just like being killed is an occupational hazard”. A soldier of fortune that had worked all over Africa told the Punch magazine “Real mercenary work is people dying every day.”

Following his release from prison over the people smuggling affair, Heatherington-Cleverly has been very involed with far right extremism, and very vocal in his condemnation of Islam, posting the follwing diatribe to an Australian Defence League website:

Allan Hetherington
10:51 AM on April 02, 2010
Islam-a-phobia and the Islamic Race.

"What people are forgetting and what the Muslims, Political left and the PC brigade don?t want advertised is that there is no such thing as Islam-a-phobia, a phobia is an irrational fear of something".

"If it were a Phobia it would be a mental health condition such as claustrophobia or arachnophobia, and to attack someone for having a phobia is in itself irrational and also to attack someone physically or verbally because they are suffering from a mental health condition such as arachnophobia ( The fear of spiders) is illegal".

"Then of course there is the allegation of racism if we have the temerity to make any complaint about Islam, well iv seen passports from all over the world but iv never seen a Muslim passport, iv seen plenty of Muslims with passports but not a Muslim one".

"The fact is that the Islamic Race dose not exist any more than the Protestant or Catholic race exists. Its just another ploy by the Muslims, Political left and the PC brigade to stifle any debate on Islam, they really don't like people talking about what they get up to, or knowing what there ultimate aim is I.E. the complete domination of the world".

"As for this speech by John Howard, well if he did make it then he is definitely on the right track. We Australians will reap what we saw, It was not too many years ago that Australia was helping the Biggest Muslim country in the world (Indonesia) to Militarily Defeat one of the Smallest countries in the World, Catholic (East Timor), They Failed".

"Why did our Govt do that ? Well for one thing it was greed, Oil and Gas in the Timor Gap (that did not belong to us) drove them to help a Muslim state Murder half of East Timor?s people".

"And now you have many Muslims living in Australia, and just across the Timor gap you have the Biggest Islamic Country in the world with a standing army numbering Two million men under arms".

You can bet your bottom dollar that Indonesia is looking at Australia and all that land to populate with envious eyes.
Indonesia has coveted Australia's vast land mass with its huge untapped resources for 50 years or more, but they were never strong enough.

But they will be soon, it may take 20 years but that is OK, they will out breed the Australians and then they will out vote the Australians and then when they control our parliament by legal, democratic means they will dissolve Democracy and declare Australia Stan an Islamic Republic.

"Go on Laugh, It can never happen? Check out our berth rate against the Islamic berth rate? And don't think the Muslims already in Australia are not being very busy travelling around the country photographing all the Australian military installations, Especially around Darwin were the Indonesians will land. If we don't do something about it now we are truly screwed. Advance Australia fair. Right in to an Islamic Night Mare".


Once again, this casts serious doubts on any potential validity the EDL might hope to gain. We suspect the public at arge will not take kindly to a group who invite people-smuggling, kidnap-plotting, self-style ’soldiers of fortune’ to represent them at their public events.

Coupled with increasing ire at the ongoing expenditure on policing EDL events – now running into millions of pounds of public money – the worrying trend for ex British Service Personnel to back the EDL’s divisive and hate-fuelled message is bound to ruffle feathers with forces families across the British Isles, with many already claiming that the EDL’s consistent and ongoing hijacking of the military is an insult to brave troops past and present.

One Million United

lock up edl scum

20.07.2010 18:47

The way these edl members talk about casually blowing up mosques should set alarm bells ringing with the government, but be it brown or cameron, neither prime minister sees the edl for the serious threat to public safety they are.

Their lies about just opposing islamic fundamentalism are well and truly shattered after their loutish behaviour in dudley. Just how there were only 21 arrests lets you think how the OB are on the side of the facsists.

Everybodyies in favour of free speech but letting racist thugs run riot in british cities plotting acts of terror is sewing the seeds of disaster.

They oughta be locked up the scum.


violent confrontation

20.07.2010 21:50

The riot-starters of the English Defence League claim that they did not want violence and simply seek the freedom to hold their marches against Islamic extremism, but as the many reporters witnessed last weekend, in Dudley, on Saturday there is no doubt that lust for confrontation.

Since Hope Not Hate exposed the true indentity of Tommy Robinson, they have started becoming more agressively racist, as if they no-longer give a shit about pretending they are not proper fascists.

But how do we deal with them?

Allowing 4000 thugs to do as they please in Bradford, escaping the kettle will indeed allow them to kick things off big-time.


Jailbird Snowy

20.07.2010 22:34

Hitler-loving E-D-L thug Snowy Shaw was pictured busting into the Indymedia meeting breaking the terms of his bail.

Lets hope the cops are reading this blog, lol-fuckin'-lol


Paramilitary Training in Belfast

20.07.2010 23:00

Recent youtube comments particular from the MCR and Bolton EDL gangs mention the IRA quite a lot. Forgive me, but the provisional IRA were disbanded by Gerry Adams during the ceasefire, and yet the EDL live in the past.

Many went across to Belfast to join in the Orange Order parades which resulted in riots this year, and the question must be asked, was it all a training exercise to practice for Bradford.

The masks the EDL wear resemble the paramilitary wear used during the troubles which is no coincidence. Bolton is where many Loyalist terrorists ended up after being booted out of Belfast by rivals on the unionist side.

Irish Catholics are loathed as much as Muslims by many EDL crews.

Celtic Fan

Chris Renton's Racism In Denial!

21.07.2010 00:36

Just been reading how the Exeter chairman of the EDL, a dodgy nightlcub doorman, wants the burka to be banned, and in the comments afterwards, on the Exeter newspaper website, Chris Renton was writing under his regular pseudonym - "John Sheridan".

Remember those old Alf Garnet bigots who stood in smokey hostelries with one hand on the bar, who insised they were not racists ..... "I'm not racist but..." then started quoting from Mein Kampf.

Well, BNP supporter Chris Renton, when exposed as to his true identity, insisted he wasn't a bigot then came out with this paranoid bullshit gem: -

"""""Is it not grown up to worry about your childrens future when the country is flooded with people that consider not following islam a beheading offence? Wake up"""""

As if there will suddenly be an invasion of hundreds of thousand hardline Mullahs from Iran or Saudi Arabia. Most Muslims in Britain (99.999% of them) wouldn't think this way, but just like Adolf Hitler, when he told absolute lies about Jews based on centuries-old racial stereotypes, when you are short on pure fact to back up your illogical discrimination, lies come in handy

There are hardline nazis and mild nationalists in the EDL, but nine out of ten of them are committed racists, who, it would take years of conditioning to rid them of their prejudice and hatred towards Muslims.

Most sickening is how the EDL followers on FaceBook call Muslims "goat fuckers".

EDL supporters truly are sick in the head.

george smith


21.07.2010 19:28

Well, this is quite a dirty little campaign and riot in the making you've got going on here isn't it.

Couple of things to note here.

1 The comments used as the 'hook' in this article about blowing up mosques are obviously posted with the express intention of being reproduced here at Indymedia.

2 Many of the comments posted here have clearly been posted by the same person

3 The EDL is at war not with muslims, Islamic extremists or radicals but with Indymedia itself

This story is about pre publicity and is designed to get as many people as possible out on the streets for rioting. If somebody dies, don't go blaming it all on the police!


Hi Charles

21.07.2010 23:55

Unfortunately the person who wrote this article is a complete loon. They always leave comments under their own articles, in the hope that it will make it look like a popular bit of writing. They generally appear once a month, I think it is when the medication has worn off.

People used to comment and tell this person that they were nuts, and to calm down a little bit. They were all called 'Nazis' so now they rarely bother. You will be called a Nazi in minute too, probably followed by a big picture with something witty underneath it.

This is state of Indymedia today, and pretty much the sorry state of some sections of 'the left' as well. Whatever your political persuasions please don't expect any kind of debate or sense on threads like this.

I despair that this person is trying to represent 'anti fascism' and doing it so LOUDLY and INCOHERENTLY as well. There are alot of worthwhile people out there that are worth speaking to, there really is....

Just not on here I'm afraid.

I wish SOMEONE would get rid of this maniac, I really do - It's embarrassing.


Ah, I see!

24.07.2010 01:19

Well thank you very much full stop/period!

Must try to avoid this person then.


Snow's A Nice Guy

26.07.2010 14:25

It was great to see paying a friendly welcome to Indymedia gathering in Sheffield recently.

Snowy is not a racist dickhead, but a peace-loving guy who has non-white friends. Just because he doesn't like Muslims at all, doesn't mean he hates all Sikhs, Hindus, and coloured people.

He doesn't even hate gay people. so long as they pactice homosexuality behind closed doors.

Bob (friend of Snowy)

what if?

26.07.2010 14:34

The objective of the EDL is indeed to demonise an entire section of the community. If that doesn't make them fascists, what does, but yes, Indymedia is unhelpful calling people to protest against nationalist groups.

Instead of organising protests against the EDL, and counterprotesting in bradford, why don't we sit back and allow them to smash up inner-city Bradford, and get lengthy jail sentences afterwards?

What good did the Cable Street protests do?

keyser soze

BNPers in the EDL

26.07.2010 14:50

i did not write this article but i do agree that Atlas Shrugs is the EDL's idealogical mouthpiece, so to allow hateful incendiary comments about blowing up mosques by regular posters, cannot be excused as free speech. yes, a small handful of EDL thugs are mixed-race, and there is one biggot who happens to be Asian in the EDL, but by allowing people to post racist comments on facebook, the EDL are doing little to convince people they are not nazis.

You cannot gloss-over the neo-nazis in the EDL ranks and pretend they do not exist. In dudley they behaved like nazis looking for Asian people to attack, so please stop sprouting all of this pro-EDL bullshit.

Both Yaxley-Lennon and Chris Renton are BNPers.

Then, what about the BFFers who attend the EDL's race riots?

BFF= Bruitish Friendless Fuckwits"!!!

There is no hiding the facts despite what the EDL apologists say when trolling Indymedia when trying to portray the EDL as treehuggers organsing harmless "nationalist love-ins" in british city centres.

Bears shit in the woods, the Pope's A Catholic, and the EDL are 100% racist.

The EDL must be stopped by anarchists and socialists gathering on the streets, rather than banned as Searchlight is hoping to do.

mini driver

Proof The EDL Are Nazis

26.07.2010 22:36



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