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US Govt. War On Animals And Their Protectors.. A Compilation

Animal Protector | 16.03.2009 15:24 | Animal Liberation | Anti-militarism | Repression | Sheffield | World

animal killing by Military, FBI, USDA, NIH, EPA, Commerce Dept, US Fish and Wildlife Etc

Government Bullies Are Pawns of Blood Bullion Billionaires
Government Bullies Are Pawns of Blood Bullion Billionaires

US Government War On Animals And Their Protectors

True citizens expose the injustices of their governments.

FBI war on animals and their protectors
Justice Dept. funding tasering and burning of pigs at Univ.
of Wisconsin
FBI's role in quashing 1st amendment rights of activists Agent arrests man at Virginia circus demo for wearing an animal mask

US Military's War on Animals
Navy killing whales with sonar and propellers is sued by
several groups.
Soldiers Trained To Kill And Eat Animals
Donald Rumsfeld's American distribution rights to vivisector Roche's ineffective scam
drug Tamiflu
Human casualties in Afghanistan are underreported. Animal casualties
are censored. Afghan War Killing Some of the last 100 snow leopards in Afghanistan along with hibernating bears buried, sealed alive in caves,
big horned sheep and countless other species.
Land mine devastation in war to humans and animals
Top brass Require Soldiers To Abandon Pets When Deployed Overseas
Depleted Uranium in Iraq at 81 Times The Average Gives Cancer to People and Animals

NIH barbarism and negligence
NIH gives Harvard's underground labs more $ than any other univ

EPA testing on animals and approving lethal insecticides
and rodenticides

USDA Opposition to Mad Cow Testing. USDA
hiding the truth as well about Mad Pig Mad Sheep Mad Lamb
Mad Deer Mad Elk Mad Chicken Mad Turkey Mad Fish
Mad Milk
USDA: Revolving door between USDA and animal flesh industry
(Ann Veneman, USDA Secretary, was mentored by
Lyng of the American Meat Inst. before going on to UNICEF)
USDA, Monsanto, Dairy Industry Poisoning Children With School
Lunch Program
USDA Muzzling Mad Cow Truth (USDA muzzling list of
ingredients containing Mad Cow, Mad Pig, etc.)

US Fish and Wildlife Service trying to kill hundreds of sea lions
along with Oregon and WAshington state agencies...
for the salmon fishermen who want to continue their
suffocation of salmon uninterrupted
4 of the many ways the Bureau of Land Management kills
and otherwise harms animals

US Commerce Dept promotes McDonald's and KFC around world..
building a hospital with McD in Brazil
In addition, the taxes of the poor have gone in special programs to pay summertime
employees of McD.

NASA exploded thousands of animals over 5 states when Lockheed's
obsolete shuttle blew up. The public was not informed that NASA Glenn
captive animals were secreted into the hold.

Dept of Transportation: Through the instigation of Senators Feingold,
Grassley and Harkin, ratified by the Diebold Senate, the minimal protections for baby chicks in transit
were eliminated. They are now no longer under abimal status but are
classified as commercial mail, denied the requirements of protection from
freezing, heat, suffocation, smashing, thirst.

To be added:
NASA's decades of animal torture, including primates imprisoned in restraining
chairs for months at a time.. their legs paralyzed..
Fast food employees paid by the taxes of the poor


Who are the billionaires for whom these government bullies work?

Nelson Peltz: billionaire owner of Arby's, Wendy's Kraft
Warren Buffett, billionaire owner of Dean Foods
Don Tyson: billionaire owner of the largest network of
pig and cow slaughterhouses
NPR: owner of 200 million in McDonald's stocks
Yum Foods, Kentucky based.. world's largest conglomerate
owner of KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut etc.
Bill Gates, funder of vivisection at Duke University which maintains
a partnership with the Atkins Foundation (the toxic Atkins
diet condemned by the AMA and with Smithfield, largest
pig butcher in the US)

Gioia Family connection to Topps Meat

(There are tens of thousands of billionaires, centimillionaires
and decamillionaires for whom the government agencies work)

For other billionaires see
annual list of the biggest thieves in the world

Intimidating vegetarian and vegan groups

Decades ago, the US Govt told Seventh Day Adventist vegan
hospitals that unless they served meat they would lose
federal funding. The SDA caved in. Unfortunately, Loma Linda
Hospital, an SDA one, is involved in vivisection and murdered
a baboon for a heart transplant to a human.

The US Army's helicopters were buzzing the vegan community
called The Farm in Summertown Tennessee until Senator Al
Gore stpped in to stop it.

Because most of Sai Baba's 100 million followerse are vegetarian
or vegan and because they work actively to promote
a world without slaughterhouses, the US Govt as well
as those of the UK, Australia have spread disinformation
about the only man in history to have 100 million people believe
him an avatar.

Corrupt Senators (virtually all)

John Cornyn of Texas, elected through vote fraud
.. was part of a hunting party which killed over 400
cage raised birds released in nets in front of him.. (in 1 day)

Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.. Pfizer's voice in the Senate..
Pfizer incinerates in New London CT incinerator alone, a truckload
of dead animal victims daily

George Voinovich of Ohio
1. as governor authored legislation which made the mourning
dove a hunted bird
2. when a German factory farmer was banned and jailed
for cruelty to animals and nearly killing a worker with nicotinic
insecticides, Voinovich invited him to Ohio with a red carpet
which turned out to be a carpet of blood.. 1/2 million birds
were killed in a tornado.. many of them without food
or water .. and without the 30 degree weather
... were finally bulldozed alive into graves by Buckeye which
became Agrigeneral and now has another name

Feinstein, war profiteer and insider trading who has illegally
funneled billion dollar contracts from the govt. to her husband.

Feingold, Harkin Grassley... removed protections for baby chicks
in transit
The Commonwealth countries are all involved in mass
genocide of animals.
That is perhaps the main reason for their sharing of Echelon
satellites which spy on their citizens.


The previous Canadian PM was on NPR not as a statesman but
as a shill for Canadian cow flesh.
The present fraudulently elected PM Harper continues
to pay Newfoundland seal clubbers to massacre baby seals.
Many around the world are responding by boycotting the
Canadian Olympics

Canada advertises the hunting of bears.
It deforests old growth woods.
It kills animals in Afghanistan

The UK
kills primates and other animals in testing
promotes British animal flesh
kills animals in Afghanistan

has created drought with its deforesting livestock economy
kills 6 million kangaroos a year

New Zealand
is involved in the barbarism of live shipments of sheep and
cows aboard ship

All wars are wars on animals birds and fishes as well.
29 Of The Ways Current Wars Harm Animals

1 People animals birds are killed by bombs, rockets, missiles.
2 People animals birds are blown apart by mines of war profiteers
both when forced into service as dolphin or dog minesniffers
or as unsuspecting victims of mines... A rhino whose legs
were turned to jelly by a landmine in Africa was one
of billions of animal, bird and other victims of landmines.
3 The US Navy has electroshocked porpoises
and turned them into weapons carriers. (See Day of the
Dolphin by Lilly)
4 Animals die on livetransport ships in wartorn ports after standing in their own waste, dying of hunger and thirst
5 Whales, dolphins, fishes, turtles, sea birds are killed in oil spills from bombing power plants. 15,000 tons of oil
have been dumped into the Mediterranean by the Israeli
bombing of a Lebanese power plant.
6 Animals are bulldozed (killed or backs broken) in zoos in wartorn areas.*
The Nazis bombed London zoos. Churchill retaliated
bombing the Berlin Zoo. The Israeli Defense Force
bulldozed the Gaza Zoo, breaking the backs of those
who survived deaths by crushing.
7. Bears and other animals are sealed into Afghan caves by bombs
8 Naval warships' sonar kills whales.
9 Animals are seized, slaughtered and eaten by armies.
10 Animals disoriented by bombs run away from their homes.
11 Animals are abandoned by refugees and by soldiers
ordered overseas.
12 Animals are not allowed in to all refugee camps. The US Red Cross
after a worldwide outcry re its gunbacked separation of people
from animals has begun to change its rules on this.
13 Animal habitat (trees, orchards, vines, plants, watersheds) are destroyed by daisy cutter, bunker
buster and other bombs, cruise missiles etc. Tanks crush
sapling trees and add to the desertification of the planet.
They create erosion ruts and cause mudslindes in areas
with rain.
14 Depleted uranium is giving animals as well as people
cancer,81 times the average in Baghdad.
15 Animals as well as people have died as supply convoys
were foiled by bombed roads and bridges, and as
convoys have been fired upon. In the Highway of Death
bombing directed by G H W Bush, 250,000 white flagged
surrendering soldiers as well as refugees with donkeys,
cats, dogs, goats, cows, chickens etc. were carpet
bombed and bulldozed into graves.
16. Some abandoned animals are left tied up without war
and are dying of thirst and or heat or cold
17. Motorists racing to get out of bombing areas are
mowing down goats, cats, dogs, chickens, sheep on the roads.
18. Naval warships carve up marine mammals in their
propellers as jetfighters carve up birds in their propellers.
Tanks have crushed untold trillions of small mammals,
ground nesting birds, frogs, snakes, ants in anthills,
and countless other species.
19. American soldiers drinking have shot
tigers and lions in the Baghdad Zoo.
20. Donkeys and dogs have been shot at Israeli govt checkpoints
21.NASA's military missions have involved secreting
animals aboard. This is unpublicized. Many secreted animals
were with the astronauts blown apart by Lockheed and
other Bonapartes
22 Animals die in military weapons research labs. Primates
have been irradiated at Barnes Air Force Base in Texas.
23 They have been put in restraining chairs for months
at a time in astronaut studies at Bethesda Naval and
24 Animals die in military contract 'vaccine' research.
25 When PETA was successful in cancelling the US Dept
of Defense use of living dogs as target practice for the
(unnecessary) training of surgeons, the DOD simply
substituted goats, making them truly scapegoats.
26. Chemical and biological weapons from weaponized
anthrax to nerve gases have been developed on captive
animals for many decades. Recently biological weapons
developed by George Merck of the Merck pharmaceutical
company were destroyed after 45 or more years in
. In weaponized anthrax development by the CIA
and Ft Detrick, 4000 primates were detroyed in just
1 experiment before captive primates and 1 billion dollars was given to Battelle
of Tennessee. The books of Leonard Horowitz document
the abuse.
For a list of other atrocities, see
28. US soldiers in survival training are taught to club,
knife and otherwise kill animals from Dugway Proving
Ground in Utah to Okinawa.
29. Israel's sound bombs have been reputed to
explode the wombs of Palestinian women. They harm
animals with sensitive hearing such as dogs and cats.

In the war of the Israeli government against the Lebanese
people, a million animals died in an oil spill
created by a power plant bombing. Cows have died of thirst
on boats unable to land liveshipped animals. Animals
have died as relief supplies can't get into the many crisis
areas. The Olmert regime fired upon relief workers.

* The IDF killed many Gaza zoo animals
bulldozing the cages while the animals
were in them.. gazelles had their
backs broken. Many zoos are prisons.

Historians Will and Ariel Durant wrote that Caesar's armies marched on vegetables.
Some US Army nutritionists have been working on more vegan options for vegan
soldiers and all soldiers, because of superior health.

American soldiers are required to kill docile animals during military “survival skills” training courses and are instructed to use their bare hands, rocks, or blunt instruments on chickens, rabbits, goats, and snakes as part of “emergency food procurement exercises.”

Reports reveal that animals die a slow and agonizing death after being bludgeoned, strangled, or decapitated. An Army course manual instructs soldiers to kill a chicken “by placing its head under a strong stick, placing both your feet on either end of the stick ... and pulling vigorously until its head is pulled off.” Another Army manual says, “You can club small mammals or step on them.”

Department of the Air Force Instructor Guide: Basic Combat Survival Training Field Training
1. Club to kill animal
2. Knife
3. 550 cord (to suspend animal and tie live animal to tree)
4. Containers/utensils for cooking

The U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marines have confirmed that at least six military courses currently engage in these exercises year-round, and there have been many reports of others. Government documents show that two Air Force bases alone use more than 1,500 rabbits each year, at a cost of more than $10,000.1 According to a 1997 Department of Defense (DoD) report, the Air Force kills more rabbits in its “survival skills” courses than does the entire DoD in all its research facilities combined.2 Estimates reveal that well over 10,000 animals are used every year in military food procurement exercises.

Typically, soldiers either carry their own animals in a backpack for several days before killing them or the animals are taken by vehicle into the woods, where they are “liberated” and then “recaptured,” says Sergeant Fredrickson of Dugway Proving Ground. Eyewitness accounts describe soldiers who are “required to stroke the rabbit to calm it, then bash it on the head ... the rabbits don’t always die with the first blow.”

The military claims that these exercises are a necessary part of troop preparation. Major Tammy Miracle of the Massachusetts National Guard claims that killing docile animals “prepare[s] a soldier to fight in today’s modern battlefield.” She admits that although “this type of training may seem unusual ... readiness remains to be the Army Guard’s overarching priority.”

These exercises, however, fail to teach relevant skills to soldiers who may one day experience life-threatening adverse conditions. It is pointless for a soldier to practice killing small domestic mammals and birds, considering that in a real-life survival experience, few would have trouble killing such an animal if survival depended on it. After all, soldiers do not practice by killing other humans in order to be effective in combat situations. In the past, there have been occasions when such exercises were canceled after receiving national exposure3—yet thousands of animals continue to suffer each year on military bases that pursue this training.

Please contact your senators and representative and request that they introduce language into this year’s Defense Appropriations Bill that explicitly prohibits the use of your taxpayer dollars to purchase live animals for military “survival skills training.” If you don’t know their contact information, please call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-225-3121, provide your state or zip code, and ask to be transferred to their offices or click here to obtain the information through a web page.

1 Fairchild Air Force Base, WA 99011-8648; United States Air Force Academy, CO 80840-6260
2 “Department of Defense Animal Care and Use Programs 1997”
3 United States Army Dugway Proving Ground; Massachusetts Army National Guard

(While poster thinks the alleged tape of Muslim abuse
of animals may have been a black op of the IDF
there is much useful information in the following article:)

Hundreds of Thousands of Animals Killed Annually in Cruel Military Experiments
News programs have been airing ghastly video footage from Afghanistan that shows dogs dying agonizing deaths in al-Qaeda military experiments. One tape shows a dog trapped in a room with vapor rising. The dog begins licking his lips (increased saliva is one of the first signs of poisoning), loses control of his hindquarters, and is eventually seen lying on his back, moaning. However, these cruel experiments are nothing new—nor are they confined to Afghanistan. The war on animals is an international one.

From Tel Aviv to Tehran to Texas, dogs and other animals are being poisoned and otherwise tortured in chemical, biological, and conventional warfare experiments. PETA has equally barbaric, secretly shot footage, from 1977, of Israeli soldiers injecting— and killing—dogs with what appear to be nerve agents.

No matter where you stand on international conflicts, it is a painful fact that the Israeli army has also blown up unanesthetized pigs with Scud missile explosives and conducted other painful experiments on dogs, monkeys, doves, mice, toads, and guinea pigs. An article in the March 17, 2000, issue of Ha'aretz, Israel’s most respected daily newspaper, reported that experiments carried out by the Israel Defense Forces on animals were so horrific that the soldiers forced to conduct the experiments had to seek psychological counseling.

The United States military has a long history of conducting cruel animal experiments.

Uncounted Casualties
Each year, at least 320,000 primates, dogs, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, cats, and other animals are hurt and killed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in experiments that rank among the most painful conducted in this country. Because these figures don’t include experiments that were contracted out to non-governmental laboratories or the many sheep, goats, and pigs often shot in wound experiments, the total number of animal victims is actually much higher. The cost to taxpayers for these military experiments is estimated to be in excess of $100 million annually.

Top Secret
Military testing is classified “Top Secret,” and it is very hard to get information about it. From published research, we do know that armed forces facilities all over the United States test all manner of weaponry on animals, from Soviet AK-47 rifles to biological and chemical warfare agents to nuclear blasts. Military experiments can be acutely painful, repetitive, costly, and unreliable, and they are particularly wasteful because most of the effects they study can be, or have already been, observed in humans or because the results cannot be extrapolated to human experience.

Sample Experiments
Burns and Blasts: As far back as in 1946, near the Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific, 4,000 sheep, goats, and other animals loaded onto a boat and set adrift were killed or severely burned by an atomic blast detonated above them. The military nicknamed the experiment “The Atomic Ark.”

At the Army’s Fort Sam Houston, live rats were immersed in boiling water for 10 seconds, and a group of them were then infected on parts of their burned bodies. In 1987, at the Naval Medical Institute in Maryland, rats’ backs were shaved, covered with ethanol, and then “flamed” for 10 seconds.

In 1988, at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico, sheep were placed in a loose net sling against a reflecting plate, and an explosive device was detonated 19 meters away. In two of the experiments, 48 sheep were blasted: the first group to test the value of a vest worn during the blast, and the second to see if chemical markers would aid in the diagnosis of blast injury (they did not).

Radiation: At the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Maryland, nine rhesus monkeys were strapped in chairs and exposed to total-body irradiation. Within two hours, six of the nine were vomiting, hypersalivating, and chewing. In another experiment, 17 beagles were exposed to total-body irradiation, studied for one to seven days, and then killed. The experimenter concluded that radiation affects the gall bladder.

At Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, rhesus monkeys were strapped to a B-52 flight simulator (the “Primate Equilibrium Platform”). After being prodded with painful electric shocks to learn to “fly” the device, the monkeys were irradiated with gamma rays to see if they could hold out “for the 10 hours it would take to bomb an imaginary Moscow.” Those hit with the heaviest doses vomited violently and became extremely lethargic before being killed.

Diseases: To evaluate the effect of temperature on the transmission of the Dengue 2 virus, a mosquito-transmitted disease that causes fever, muscle pain, and rash, experiments conducted by the U.S. Army at Fort Detrick, Maryland, involved shaving the stomachs of adult rhesus monkeys and then attaching cartons of mosquitoes to their bodies to allow the mosquitoes to feed.

Experimenters at Fort Detrich have also invented a rabbit restraining device that consists of a small cage that pins the rabbits down with steel rods while mosquitoes feast on their bodies.

Wound Labs: The Department of Defense has operated “wound labs” since 1957. At these sites, conscious or semiconscious animals are suspended from slings and shot with high-powered weapons to inflict battle-like injuries for military surgical practice. In 1983, in response to public pressure, Congress limited the use of dogs in these labs, but countless goats, pigs, and sheep are still being shot, and at least one laboratory continues to shoot cats. At the Army's Fort Sam Houston “Goat Lab,” goats are hung upside down and shot in their hind legs. After physicians practice excising the wounds, any goat who survives is killed.

In 1992 and again in 1994, doctors with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine testified before Congress on military animal use and worked with the General Accounting Office in an investigation of Michael Carey’s experiments at Louisiana State University. Carey shot 700 restrained cats in the head to “model” human injuries. As a result of the investigation, Carey’s cat-shooting experiments were halted.

Other forms of military experiments include subjecting animals to decompression sickness, weightlessness, drugs and alcohol, smoke inhalation, and pure oxygen inhalation.

Animal Intelligence
The armed forces conscript various animals into intelligence and combat service, sending them on “missions” that endanger their lives and well-being. The Marine Corps teaches dogs “mauling, snarling, sniffing, and other suitable skills” needed to search for bombs and drugs.

A series of Navy tests of underwater explosives in the Chesapeake Bay in 1987 killed more than 3,000 fish, and habitats for hundreds of species have been destroyed by nuclear tests in the South Pacific and the American Southwest.

Military Reform
The military’s tracking system lists approximately 725 military experiments using animals. Such tests are as misleading as they are cruel. Animals often respond to chemical agents and antidotes differently than humans. A rat’s respiratory system differs greatly from that of a human, and rats are more susceptible to toxins because they are unable to vomit. Mice have a genetic tendency to develop lung tumors, rendering much of the research on physiological effects of exposure invalid. Regarding skin tests, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report said, “Since laboratory animals have fur and do not have sweat glands on most of their body, they do not provide optimal models for dermal exposure.”

Mustard gas, first used in World War I, continues to be a favorite agent for Department of Defense animal experimenters. A 2005 research article highlighting the collaboration between University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMB) and Department of Defense experimenters in an experiment involving mice is entitled "Development of Formulation for Preventing Half Mustard Induced Damage to Skin."

The article's summary notes the following: "UMB and Department of Defense researchers have developed a novel formulation that offers substantial prevention against 2-Chloroethy-ethyl sulfide induced tissue damage in animals. Because of the similarity in the mechanism of CEES action with actual sulphur mustard, it is predicted that the formulation will also be effective in offering prophylactic as well as post-exposure prevention against tissue damage caused by sulphur mustard." The military should use this treatment, which "inactivates the toxic agent, reduces inflammation, and promotes tissue healing," and stop conducting needless mustard gas tests on animals.

Under the banner of defense use, animals have been used to test bullet trajectories when blocks of gel are better, as they allow military weapons experts to permanently freeze the bullet trail, something that doesn’t happen with a sheep or dog; they’ve even been put in slings and shot so that medics could practice cutting away dying tissue, when there are far superior ways to train medics.

Innocent Victims
Animals don’t wage wars; why should they suffer because humans do? All nations must reject chemical and biological weapons tests on animals. It makes no difference to the dog writhing in convulsions whether the man administering the poison gas was Afghan, Israeli, or American. All citizens of the world should come together for the peaceful purpose of condemning and demanding an end to this form of terrorism on innocent animals.

You Can Help
In 1993, the General Accounting Office (GAO) began an investigation of the military’s animal experimentation program. Ask your Congressional representatives to contact the GAO and express support for a thorough and complete investigation.

If you don’t know their contact information, please call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-225-3121, provide your state or zip code, and ask to be transferred to their offices or click here to obtain the information through a Web page.

Please also ask them to urge the DoD to implement alternatives to live-animal experiments.

Please contact President Elect Barack Obama and demand an immediate end to U.S. military experiments on animals:

15 Ways AntiHealth Departments Connected To Pharmaceutical
Servants of the CDC Operate
1.Across the country, many health
departments ignore the many salmonella and ecoli violations
at mega fast food outlets while bringing down great force on small
2. In league with realtors, health departments bulldozed brick
homes, harrassing homeowners as they attempted to create a scarcity
of housing and consequent high rents. Now with tens of thousands
of homes vacant in big American cities, the rent bubbles still have not burst.
3. Many health departments enforce compulsory mowing ordinances
which violate the first amendment
4. Health department directors and sanitarians, building inspectors
are unelected.
5. Health departments are eliminating fireflies, monarch butterflies,
dragonflies, and countless diverse species as they spray poisons in
the air of communities, poisoning the waters and air, violating
the will of the people and enriching huge chemical companies.
6. Health departments in concert with the CDC are deliberately
misclassifying Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken, Mad Fish, Mad Deer
and other BSE deaths as meningitis,
encephalitis, leukemia, Alzheimer's, brain tumors etc.
7. Health departments have given orders to remove centenarian trees
as they dictate to homeowners what they can do on their own
8. Health departments have been involved in a genocidal war against
rats and have violated the spiritual beliefs of Franciscans, Buddhists,
Hindus, Sufis, Jains and many others whose religions teach that all life is sacred.
9. In many cities a mayor can use many agencies in a coordinated
attack against his political opponents.
A disgruntled neighbor can activate
the local health department,
building inspection, animal control,
police, fire inspectors can give
a constant parade of harrassers to
someone. Health department officials have
been known to threaten calls to the building
inspector unless their privacy invading
'sanitarian' is allowed in.
10. Through compulsory pet
vaccinations, through promotion
of Glaxo, Roche, Aventis, Chiron
and other war profiteer 'flu' shots,
health departments enable
the engorging of international
drug companies.
11. A Canton Ohio health department
director threatened a resident with
jail because she was feeding a stray
12. Health departments comb
the yards of the poor for feces
from their pets while ignoring
factory farms and slaughterhouse
operations (Smithfield, Tyson's, Perdue,
Cargill, Ohio Fresh Eggs, DeCoster's) which
dump untold trillions of gallons
of feces and urine into the
water systems.
13. In many cities, the local health
department has pressured city councils
into trapping cats and dogs rather than spaying them. Why? Because
laboratories such as Harvard, UC Davis,
Univ of Texas, Univ of Wisconsin, Yale,
Cornell, Princeton, Yerkes, Emory
want a constant stream of animals
to kill.
14. Raccoons are being poisoned
with what the public is told
is rabies vaccine.
15. The socalled West Nile Virus comes
to carnivorous birds and is misnamed
.. the CDC and Health Dept. in order
to avoid panic about the pandemic
of Avian Spongiform Encephalopathy
or Mad Chicken has lied about this. (search for war on animals) (put frankensteins in search) (Australian branch) re animals trapped
in live shipment boats in Beirut harbor (Gaza Zoo bulldozing) (all but 1 item factual) (re Glaxo and Oxford
vivisection) ocean creatures dying from
massive oil spill generated by Israeli bombing of power

Animal Protector


Display the following 2 comments

  1. US Air Force pig tasering and other experiments — Pig Rights
  2. Ft Detrick Murder of Thousands of Primates in Weaponized Anthrax Research — Addition


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