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Leeds Fascists Tony White & Kevin Watmough Arrested! Simon Sheppard On The Run!

Auntie | 14.07.2008 18:23 | Anti-racism | Sheffield

Tony White & Kevin Watmough have been taken into custody today. Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle (AKA Luke O'Farrell) are on the run.

Leeds Nazis Kevin Watmough and Tony White were today taken into custody after allegations were made by members of the jury in the Simon Sheppard race-hate case that White had been attempting to pervert the course of justice. White turned up for court wearing his usual black bomber jacket, which today was littered with Nazi badges. Several jurors then complained to the judge that he had previously followed them home and shouted threats at them. Both men were immediately taken in for questioning, and so far as is known are still in custody.

Sheppard and his co-defendant Steve Whittle have gone on the run after guilty verdicts came in against both of them on Friday. According to their barrister, Shepperd, another paedophile linked to the British People's Party, also slit his wrists over the weekend.

Watmough, who was sat at the rear of the court on Friday when the verdicts were read out burst into tears and began sobbing. With Sheppard's prosecution having huge implications for Watmough's 'Redwatch' and 'Blood & Honour / Combat 18' sites, and possible conspiracy to pervert the course of justice charges pending, we hope there'll be plenty more tears in the Watmough household to come.

A full report will follow.



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All good stuff

14.07.2008 18:42

Sounds like a case of Blub & Dishonour!



14.07.2008 20:21

Morrison (left) and Sheppard
Morrison (left) and Sheppard

I notice that Eddy Morrison's 'Aryan World' blog, which reported at length on the Sheppard/O'Farrell trial was taken down on Friday night and the link on the BPP main page removed. Do you think Sheppard and Morrison have eloped together?

Bramley Red

Soggy Leiderhosen

14.07.2008 20:23

I was initially concerned about this story due to ramifications concerning web site hostings in other countries, After hearing just how vile the defendants were My only concern is that Shepperd hasn't actually killed himself yet.....I would have payed money to have seen old glue bag whatmough Blubbing into his Leiderhosen

Amused of Alwoodley


14.07.2008 20:45

Kev hates White. He is an embarasment to white nationalism and always has been.



14.07.2008 21:06

S.S. is a right drama Queen. He is always cutting himself. He was in court friday with his wrists all wrapped upThere is a rumour he has gone to Thailand. Its probably not true but if it is he will find plenty their to suit his perverted apetites.


Kev not arrested

14.07.2008 21:19

- Homepage:

FAO 'Antifascist' on LUAF forum

14.07.2008 21:39

If you don't know about Shepperd being a nonce, you should do a bit more research on him.


Watmough yapping on Stormfront

14.07.2008 21:40

No he isn't, that post was put up this morning and he's not been back on there since.



14.07.2008 21:52

Actually the Fash are very quiet indeed about this. Possibly complete disinterest in Shepped and Whittle. This has big implications though for Watmough, Redwatch et al, but Kev always manages to escape doesn't he? Hard to understand why Sheperd and Whittle were arrested, but not Watmough, but then it was the same with T.White's most recent court case. I don't think KW is a state asset, but a casual grass who'd always roll over to save his own skin. White, like Shepperd, is a complete nut-case, who if he had any sense would have retired by now. He'll be going down for this (he's a grass too, but of no real value to the cops.)



14.07.2008 22:03

As the jury were still struggling to reach verdicts in the few remaining counts against Shepperd, and bearing in mind he'd absconded (and a few other factors best not mentioned yet), it looked as if the judge was going to intervene, and that Shepperd and Whittle would be sentenced in their absence. The case continues at Leeds Crown Court tomorrow.



14.07.2008 22:07

One of the first reactions to the verdicts on Stormfront was "The movement needs martyrs"! Shepperd n O''Farrell/Whittle obviously think differently.


Watmough on stormfront

14.07.2008 22:10

Today, 04:04 PM

Check the time of the post, Drowsy

The Truth Will Set Us Free!

14.07.2008 22:21

And telling racist lies will get you banged-up Kev!


From Shitefront

14.07.2008 22:24

Old Today, 11:04 AM #1
Forum Member

BPP ADMIN's Avatar

Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Leeds
Posts: 39
BPP ADMIN is on a distinguished road

BPP members and supporters in court to support the defendants (as well as everyone else connected with the case) were shocked at the Sheppard/Whittle Race trial in Leeds when Simon and Steve didn't appear and a warrant was issued for their arrest.

More news as we get it.


Input from Kathleen O'Dermody

14.07.2008 22:37

More lies from the One Woman BPP Division (Kev Watmough's monstrous girlfriend.)

Latest news is that sentencing will take place on the 28th July. Shepperd (at least) can expect a good few years.


Shepperd (at least) can expect a good few years.

14.07.2008 22:41

A good few years in sunny Bankok!

Concerned of Selby

Come on Auntie!

14.07.2008 22:45

Kate McDermody has done more to damage the BPP than Watmough's glue-sniffing and Morrison's alcoholism combined! Looking at her awful blog and her current performance on Benson & Hedges is like watching a train-wreck! LOL at her plans to bankroll Ice T, bankrupt herself, and probably get nicked for wasting police time. She won't last long.

Bramley Red

Supporting YET ANOTHER nonce Kate?

14.07.2008 22:52

Well you live with one.

Disgusted of Adel

Oh well...

14.07.2008 23:08

At least they managed to spell my name right in that stupid letter. That must be a first! :-)

Ketlan Ossowski
- Homepage:

Crying Kev

14.07.2008 23:10

If he's been released yet Watty is probably too busy shredding stuff to post. His knees nearly buckled when him and White were led in to be questioned by the judge today. That wasn't as funny as his performance Friday though, when he burst into tears, the judge thought it was someone having a nervous breakdown! I notice Kate McDermody has her oar in, she wasn't there to 'supporrt' Shepperd though was she?


Fake letter

14.07.2008 23:12

That letter from Gerry certainly is a laugh, but once again it shows that the Fash know absolutely NOTHING about us. LOL!


Morrison's absence

14.07.2008 23:20

"I notice that Eddy Morrison's 'Aryan World' blog, which reported at length on the Sheppard/O'Farrell trial was taken down on Friday night and the link on the BPP main page removed. Do you think Sheppard and Morrison have eloped together?"

What a great week! Story is that Eddy Morrison has been expelled from the BPP!!


Well she would say that, wouldn't she?

15.07.2008 01:31

I note that McDermody is now denying much of this story on her vile blog. She claims for example that Kevin did not burst into tears on Friday. But she wasn't there. I was, and everyone in court saw his pitiful performance. It was still being talked about today. The allegations against White, who was named in court and described as "an associate of Kevin Watmough" were made by several jurors and taken extremely seriously by the judge. Again, McDermody was not at court to witness this. Neither for that matter was Eddy Morrison, who is rumoured to have been expelled from the BPP. McDermody goes on to infer that she was called a 'Searchlight mole' on this thread, but in fact that was an allegation made against her on 'Stormfront' by Peter 'Sid' Williamson, who she got rid of prior to Morrison. McDermody also claims to be aged 30. We must congratulate her in her past work delivering newspapers to a very large section of the north of England. Oh, and of course she never posts on Indymedia....


A gift to the enemy

15.07.2008 02:06

Klondyke Kate is certainly a gift to you reds, she is vcausing real damage in nationalist circles. She is causing havock on C18 forum, and is alianating everybody in the BPP, especially those with talent. If it is true about Eddy M the BPP are finished and she has served her masters well.


Its all rather sad

15.07.2008 02:15

Maybe Mister Watmough, or similarly interested party, might incline to the creation of any number of documents showing that it was all a conspiracy by Searchlight to discredit the magnificent warriors of the.. ...erm lost the thread there... oh yes. Perhaps forged letters are a symptom of long term planning to pervert the course of justice, sow disinformation and sustain a strategy of tension among the right. So, which part of the right is planning a night of the long knives?

I wonder if Stormfront is now being trolled as frequently as Indymedia? Because they seem to know even less about the fascists than the antifascists do.

Passing commentator


15.07.2008 02:33

During his last sentence Sheppard went on the 'numbers' with the rapists, grasses, and (other) paedophiles. No doubt, if he is not sent to a secure mental hospital, he will do the same this time round too. What strange heroes the Nazis have. I hear Martyn Gilleard, the BPP's paedophile nail-bomber, has converted to islam, maybe Sheppard will convert to judaism.



15.07.2008 02:44

The Fash are claiming Sheppard is in Thailand. I doubt it, that is probably just a smokescreen. More likely he is closer to home. I doubt it'll be that long before he turns up.



15.07.2008 08:58

The original post and most of the subsequent claims are completely untrue and obviously the amatuer guesswork or stirring of someone who was knows nothing of the actual case. Everyone knows the usual suspects would appear to support Sheppard and it doesn't take much imagination to concoct a salacious, if untrue, story based on the internet rumour mill and wishful thinking. Nazis are unsavoury characters but the reality is that stories such as these only distract from the work of real antifascists.

Bryony Evans

Rumour mill?

15.07.2008 10:21

One of Kate McDermody's stock phrases, and this post smells very much like her. These claims are not untrue at all. As for the 'usual suspects' appearing in court to support Sheppard, he has actually had very little support in court. Watmough and White were the only supporters who turned up yesterday, apart from the other nutter who wrote the report for Stormfront and the BPP site. He was quite clearly not only mentally unstable, but had a mouth on him like a foghorn, and was telling all and sundry all sorts of stuff. When White and Watmough were led away he was telling everyone how much Watmough hated White and what an idiot he was for example, something which hardly needs to be said.



15.07.2008 11:11

i was in court for the last few days and it is true about the loudmouth people you get there but thats it. sheppards supporters have been in and and throughout the trial and the rest is just made up to try and get rightwingers to fall out with each other. There was hardly anybody in for the sheppard case that i could see yesterday, a couple of scruffy chavs and the legal bods. that's it. this is pure misinformation. is this wat passes for antifascism these days.



15.07.2008 11:20

Is this the best you can do Sid?

No forum since VNN was taken from you so you use the only one that will accomodate you.

Too much sherry and white lightning methinks.

Concerned of Kirkstall

go away kate

15.07.2008 14:31

kate has done more harm to us in six weeks than you lot have done in sixteen years she is so full of shit

not kate

Inaccurate? I don't think so.

15.07.2008 15:59

It might be convenient for the neo-Nazi Right to deny that Sheppard is a pathetic mysognistist with serious mental health issues, that Whittle is in his own way even more pathetic, that they have had next to bugger all support from their 'comrades, that Kevin Watmough blubbed in court, and that Tony White is probably the nuttiest of the lot, and has hardly done Sheppard any favours. But all these things are true.

As for the BPP report on yesterday's events, written by the only idiot left after White and Watmough had been taken away, it's pure fantasy and doesn't even make sense. The nutter had to be warned by the judge himself. Why would the prosecutor demand a re-trial, Sheppard and Whittle were convicted?


Sheppard the nonce

15.07.2008 16:08

Wait until Sheppard's psychiatric report gets referred to at this sentencing, and his mitigation which includes claims to have had numerous interacial relationships. By supporting this nutcase, as with Martyn Gilleard, the fascists are just setting themselves up to look stupid yet again. The bloke has already confessed to having a history as a paedophile in his numerous autobiographical ramblings. Why do you think 'Girl13' is called 'Girl13', idiots? Shepperd says quite clearly how old her and her friend were and that he exploited them sexually. Scumbag!



15.07.2008 16:17

'FAO 'Antifascist' on LUAF forum

14.07.2008 22:39
If you don't know about Shepperd being a nonce, you should do a bit more research on him.


So don't be a tease. You know so much, share.

- Homepage:

I might be a nutter but

15.07.2008 16:19

the re-trial is on the charges the jury couldn't agree on.

Kate McDimwitty

Go Easy On Kate...

15.07.2008 22:07

I hear she's in for a real shock.........

And it ain't the price increase in fat fighter meals.

I hear her ex-husband/pimp has sold his story and pictures to a certain organisation.

Fanny Batter

Support these asylum seekers!

16.07.2008 08:05

Contrary to reports that Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle had jumped bail to live on a beach in Thailand, the truth has now emerged as to their exact whereabouts:

Sheppard and Whittle are being held by the INS (the American Immigration and Naturalization Service) at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) after claiming political asylum on arrival. Help from local comrades is being organised in terms of solidarity, and legal advice.

For the sake of their reputations, please point out on various news groups and forums that Sheppard and Whittle have made a carefully calculated decision to claim asylum in the USA after receiving written confirmation from the US Courts that their writings (which are posted on a web server in Torrance, California and have never appeared in hard copy form) are perfectly legal under American law, and protected in the highest degree by the First Amendment.

The Crown Court in Leeds has asserted an unprecedented long arm jurisdiction to take cognizance of acts done in a foreign country Sheppard and Whittle may be eccentric, but they are not cowards. The rationale of their escape was to set a precedent for revisionists and others persecuted under oppressive laws, and cause the maximum embarrassment to the British government by what will inevitably be a long drawn out and hard fought case in the USA.

We should add that the Heretical Two voluntarily surrendered on arrival, so as not to enter the USA under false pretences, and made a deliberate decision to go to the country where their writings had been published and make a political protest, rather than luxuriate on a beach in Thailand.

Concerned of Airstrip One


16.07.2008 09:48

The 'Heretical Two' post above was put up by Leeds fascist Kev Watmough. Shepperd and Whittle are a pair of total nutters who failed to get into the US, being arrested at immigration. Shepperd is likely either to kill himself or be nutted-off even before their extradition, which bearing in mind Shepperd is an ex-con and a fleeing felon is likely to be a lot swifter than his Nazi supporters imagine.

On the paedophile issue mentioned above, certain facts will come to light in the future, but it's probably unwise to air too much now if Shepperd is to face re-trial on some of the charges on which the jury couldn't agree. A poster above refers to Shepperd's autobiographical ramblings about the issue, and that is something he put into the public domain himself. As with paedophile Martyn Gilleard the Fash are going to end up looking very stupid supporting Shepperd.

Like Kev Watmough, Shepperd is absolutely terrified of returning to prison, and when certain facts come out at his sentencing he's likely to have little support from his fellow Nazis.

Watmough, predictably, is obviously at large once again. We wonder if White was so lucky. Doubtful.

Bramley Red

Coming to America

16.07.2008 11:30

If Sheppard & Whittle have flown to Amrica, they could only have done so by lying through their teeth on their immigration cards. I doubt they'll be away too long.


Is This Indymedia or Fookin' Stormponce?

16.07.2008 13:44

Bloody hell, Watty is posting himself under the name "Concerned of Airstrip One".

Will the Fash stop trying to rip off genuine anti-fascist commentator Concerned Of Gipton. It's boring and way, way, beyond a joke. I'm sure Gipton would agree! Please Mister Hitler Lover, whoever you are, don't troll as Concerned Of... anything else.

IT'S NOT BIG.................... AND IT'S NOT CLEVER!!!

They'll not take any notice. With the mentality of little kids, trying to get commonsense out of BPP and BNP dickheads is virtually impossible.

Now I've got that out of the way, I'll progess onto the main topic of trolls.

FOUR TYPES OF INDYMEDIA FASCIST TROLLS (From my politics doctorate thesis)

In the War Against Neo-Nazi Trolls, we must first distinguish between four different sorts of trolls: -

TROLL TYPE ONE: - CONFRONTATIONAL TROLLS ("Concerned Of Airstrip One", or any other thick-as-pigshite blatant neo-nazi twat calling themself "88" who wasn't born in 1988, and thinks they can pollute Indymedia with blatant racism and Hitler worship. There's no hiding their opinions under a bushell. They really enjoy hugging the limelight, showing signs of Attention Deficit Disorder. Common Example= Watmough himself)

TROLL TYPE TWO: - SUBVERSIVE TROLLS (These subspecies of low-intelligence lowlife pretend anti-fascists who somehow twist and contort their subterfuge to support fascism in a round and about way: i.e., "I hate the BNP but I hate leftwing hyprocrisy more........" Alweays keen to slip in casual anti-semitism and off-topic references to Israel, these particular sort of braindead trolls have been around since Indymedia began, and are an example of how low the British far right will scrape the bottom of the barrel.

TROLL TYPE THREE: - AGENT PROVOCATEUR TROLLS (Slightly more braincells per "nationalist" (AKA Nazi) trolls, as they are not so much seeking to pollute Indymedia with hate, or subvert Indymedia with twisted logic, but they are dangerous in anti-fascist PR terms, as they are seeking to undermime the entire anti-fascist movement by painting anti-racists as being more violent than the nazis. They take their inspiration from the state agents employed by Maggie Thatcher's "black propaganda units" which paid people to attack the police lines alongside striking miners, to allow the police to retiliate with unprecidented force.

TROLL TYPE FOUR: - THE MISINFO TROLL (Does what it says on the can, the aim of the Misinfo Troll is to undermime confidence in a particular internet platform, and once again, is also a state tactic not just used in anti-fascist websites and chatrooms. The rumours about the two missing neo-Nazis travelling to Thailand is straight out of the MI5 and MI6 notebook, and sometimes Misinfo Trolls are used to pave the way for other types of nazi trolls to step in and stir things around. Thus, when commentating on the total and utter bullshit left by Misinfo Trolls, Confrontational Trolls (Type One) step in and claim what is really the work of misinfo trolls is "the desperate work of divide and conquer anti-fascists clutching at straws".

The fact that these sorts of trolls work together, may suggest they are inetrchangeable, and often the work of one or two sad bastards (without girlfriends).

So beware of everything on Indymedia, folks.


Troll Fragmentor!

A Question

16.07.2008 13:54

Are all neo-nazis whether in the BNP or BPP, ugly, thick crooks, swindlers and kiddyfiddlers, or does it just seem that way?

Is there a personality trait that demands that members of the far right must be social misfits or is that par for the course.

There again, I guess its self-explanatory - Hitler was the biggest ugly, thick, hateful criminal misfit of them all!

Micholas Mickelby

Nick Griffin Now Supports Watmough, Whittle and Sheppard

16.07.2008 14:09

The BNP’s legal director (and mouthpiece of Nick "Cyclops" Griffin Lee Barnes has AMAZINGLY come out in support of nutzis Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle in an article entitled, ‘The Shepherd Trial - ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFUL’

In this surprising piece of Aryan unity, Lee Barnes claims that former BNP organiser Simon Sheppard’s conviction is “unlawful” and that both Sheppard and Whittle “should not have been found guilty”.

It's great news for anti-fascists fighting the BNP that Nick Griffin wants to make amends with the paedos of the BPP. It could just be that the BNP relies heavily on Redwatch to bring about acts of violence upon anyone who threatens Cyclops's leadership, but I think there's more at stake than this: -

Thanks to Gri££in's swindling of the BNP finances, which have bled the pot dry, the money Gri££in has stolen going into his Welshpool farmhouse and his Croatian retirement cottage, Gri££in needs to tap other sources of income.

By building bridges through Lee Barnes with the nonces of the BPP, Nick can generate a new and healthy source of income to help the BNP fight by-elections: - Taking over the BPP's Kiddy Fiddling Video Ring. Perhaps (Plague Of Faceparty) Mark Collett will take over the reigns, as he is afterall the BNP's "multimedia expert", lol

Well done Legal Beagle, and your puppeteer Nick Griffin for making peace with Watmough, and ensuring that the BNP is tarred with the same paedo brush.


Charlotte Pink Potatoes


16.07.2008 14:16

Fascism is a power trip for the perverted mind, as is paedophilia. It's all about control; - controll of the minds of weak willed adults and vulnerable children.

That is why there is a natural overlap between kiddy fiddling and far right organisations, whether it be White, Watmough, Whittle, Gilleard or Mark Collett.

Doctor Thomas


16.07.2008 14:22


Davy Bones's Locka

For Sid Williamson Fans Everywhere

16.07.2008 21:05

Mr Williamson seems to have plenty to say for himself here on Windymedia, well for Sid fans everywhere here's a video he's just released:

Soaking of Saltdean


16.07.2008 22:17

Not unless Redwatch goes racialist. The site is perfectly legal in its present form.

If the System acts against Redwatch it'll have to act against the Antifa site, Searchlight, Stop the BNP, etc.

Concerned of Patagonia

Watmough The Troll Is A Moron!

16.07.2008 23:36

Piss off Watmough (Concerned Of Patagonia), trying to defend the indefensable, your own personal hatesite "Redwatch".

Many people, including two teachers from Leeds have been firebombed or assaulted because of Redwatch. Not so Stop The BNP.

Will fucking fascists please stop using the name Concerned when you are trolling, you pantie-wastes.

Why is it neo-nazis cannot say the word "racist", preffing to say "racialist"?

Is it they are ashamed at admitting they are indeed racist.

At least John Tyndall (Rot In Hell), founder of the BNP, when confronted by the press, asking about the BNPs policies said "yes, we are 100% racist".

No beating about the bush there, compared to BPP paedo ring troll Watmough.


Watmough's A Wussie

17.07.2008 00:01

If Concerned Of Gipton were ever to run into you up a dark alley Watmough, he'd spank your botty for nicking his name, you big gay loser!

You don't show your face in the daytime in Leeds except if when you're up in court.

Even dear friend Eddy hasn't seen you in Bramley for a good three weeks.

Staying in, trolling Indymedia, won't save you from being rogered in a prison cell by your BPP mates (Gilleard, Whittle and White) lol

Simon Says

Sheppard's Edited His Own Wikipedia Entries (what a clown!)

17.07.2008 05:22

Breaking News, folks, well, on Wikipedia, that is. Simon Sheppard isn't just a lame Indymedia troll.

He has been editing his own Wikipedia page, using the acronym "ReturnToChristendom", which is actually a bannable offense on Wikipedia, but he was hoping nobody would notice.

If you look on the contributions to wikipedia by Sheppard, you will see they are all about race, and include articles on the "British National Party", "Simone Clarke", David Duke, an article called "Negro", several articles on the DNA of british Jewish people, and another racial fundementalist article entitled "The Race Of Jesus".

Another article is entitled "Master Race", which Sheppard obviously thinks he is a member of.

Regarding the editing Sheppard has done to his own Wikipedia page, he has watered down accusations over Heretical Press showing anti-senetic cartoons.

The Wikipedia article said (about Simon Sheppard): -

"His website expresses hatred of Jews and women, with black people and others as its secondary targets. One section contains photographs of Jews in Nazi [[extermination camps]], with mocking captions"

Sheppard has totally deleted this, and has also doctored a Redwatch article, as well as adding links to both Redwatch and Heretical Press to Wikipedia, hoping to get new recruits to the British far right, in particular the BPP and the BNP.

He was obviously worried that judges and juries might seek enlightenment from Wikipedia, so he has decided to, since March (when he first became a Wikipedia user), edit out all controversy over his own far right websites, as well as adding his own pseudo-scientific theories about DNA and racial inheritance throughout Wikipedia.

To this neo-Nazi, Wikipedia is a playground of hate, and nobody has noticed what Simon Sheppard has been getting up to on Wikipedia. He has edited pages referring to himself at least four times following, and yet, alarm bells haven't sounded in the mods heads, which is extremely worrying.

Like all Holocaust deniers, Sheppard thinks he's clever, when in-fact he's simply a racist layman who likes to twist and revise history to support his peculiar, disturbing views.

Check the user contributions of ReturnToChristendom (Simon Sheppard trolling wikipedia) by checking out the following link: -

Wikipedia is supposed to be unbiased, and editing your own page is strictly prohibited. I hope the Wiki authorities will wake up to Sheppard's behaviour, can reverse all of his edits, and ban him from accessing Wikipedia.

It's a bit of an irony whenever Sheppard uses a pseudonym like "Return To Christendom" when he worships stupid non-existant Norse gods like Odin, folks.

Simon Sheppard the Wikipedia Troll

Some Confusion

17.07.2008 10:12

I never have and never would, grace this shitehole with my presence.

Kathleen Dermody

The Amazing Grace of Kate McDermody

17.07.2008 10:54

"Some Confusion

17.07.2008 11:12
I never have and never would, grace this shitehole with my presence.

Kathleen Dermody "



Shepped & Whittle won't be gone long

17.07.2008 11:14

I hope Shepperd and Whittle are having a totally miserable time in the Immigration detention Centre they're being held in in California. As warrants had already been issued for their arrest before they ATTEMPTED to enter the US, and as they only managed to board the plane by giving false information, they will be swiftly returned to the UK. If Shep doesn't top himself or get nutted-off, with 2 previous convictions (and prison sentences) for almost identical offences, and now having fled the country on bail, he is sure to receive a maximum sentence. The Fash are welcome to this pathetic inadequate as a 'martyr', he can go and live on the 'protection wings' with the other paedos. Hopefully White and Watmough will soon be joining him, though I doubt Watmough will get sent down (when does he ever?) Some of us thought White might have had the good sense to retire, and gave him an easy ride as a result. That's over now, you can't always hide behind your kids when you go out White - I saw the muppet on Valentine's Day walking round Leeds with a big fluffy bunny and a helium-filled balloon, would have made a great photo opportunity! Even better was when a big black guy bumped into him as White was coming out of Borders bookshop and knocked White flying. Not that he had anything to say, apart from moaning to Carol outside.


I recall

17.07.2008 11:31

The Royal Infirmary in 1996.

19 year old Kathleen Dermody (I won't give her married name), receiving treatment for a severe beating. "Was this your pimp who did this, love" asked the nurse.

"No" replaied the proky one, "He's my husband and I love him"

She never pressed charges.

So if you're into beating and whorring women, join the BPP.

PC Plod

The Truth Is Out

17.07.2008 13:52

Sheppard is a paedophile, wife-beater, Indymedia troll, hate site hoster, eugenics-believing, anti-Semitic Islamophobic white supremacist nazi coward who edits out the controversial bits on his own entry on Wikipedia, which is true, but he's also a state informer who preens himself before the camera wishing he had been Tony Blair, just like one Nicholas Griffin Esquire!

Lee "Legal Beagle" Barnes will surely regret defending both Sheppard and Whittle on his strange little neo-nazi blog, as by doing this, Nick Gri££in's BNP is now officially endorsing Redwatch after several years of denying that BNP photographers posted pictures of anti-racists and anarchists on Redwatch (Nick Cass et al.)

So the BNP does approve of Redwatch, after all

Lee Barnes LLB Supports Redwatch


17.07.2008 14:08

So Simon Sheppard has been editing his own page on Wikipedia watering down incriminating information about himself: -

His sockpuppet moniker was ReturnToChristendom: -

It's absurd how Wikipedia have allowed Sheppard to sanitise his own Wikipedia entry many times, maing him sound "almost normal" when in-fact the man's a neo-nazi lunatic.


Prison Chaplains

17.07.2008 14:22

Funny how Sheppard has the audacity to call his sockpuppet "Return To Christendom" on Wikipedia.

Wander if he'll be making an appointment to see the Prison Chaplain pretty soon, lol

sign of the cross

Prison Chaplains

17.07.2008 14:23

Funny how Sheppard has the audacity to call his sockpuppet "Return To Christendom" on Wikipedia.

Wander if he'll be making an appointment to see the Prison Chaplain pretty soon, lol

sign of the cross

Sheffield Nazi Friendly Venue

17.07.2008 15:08

So Cyclops's fascists met in Sheffield. Anyone have any idea which premises they used, as they will try to use them again.



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Sheffield [navigation.actions2015]

Sheffield [navigation.actions2014]

NATO 2014

Sheffield Actions 2013

G8 2013

Sheffield Actions 2012


Sheffield Actions 2011

2011 Census Resistance
August Riots
Dale Farm
J30 Strike
Occupy Everywhere

Sheffield Actions 2010

Flotilla to Gaza
Mayday 2010
Tar Sands

Sheffield Actions 2009

COP15 Climate Summit 2009
G20 London Summit
Indymedia Server Seizure
University Occupations for Gaza

Sheffield Actions 2008

2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces
Campaign against Carmel-Agrexco
Climate Camp 2008
G8 Japan 2008
Smash EDO
Stop Sequani Animal Testing
Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival

Sheffield Actions 2007

Climate Camp 2007
DSEi 2007
G8 Germany 2007
Mayday 2007
No Border Camp 2007

Sheffield Actions 2006

April 2006 No Borders Days of Action
Art and Activism Caravan 2006
Climate Camp 2006
French CPE uprising 2006
G8 Russia 2006
Lebanon War 2006
March 18 Anti War Protest
Mayday 2006
Oaxaca Uprising
Refugee Week 2006
Rossport Solidarity
Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls
WSF 2006

Sheffield Actions 2005

DSEi 2005
G8 2005
WTO Hong Kong 2005

Sheffield Actions 2004

European Social Forum
FBI Server Seizure
May Day 2004

Sheffield Actions 2003

Bush 2003
DSEi 2003
Evian G8
May Day 2003
No War F15
Saloniki Prisoner Support
Thessaloniki EU
WSIS 2003

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