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A612 Burton Joyce Motorists protest Burton Road Bus Plug

Paula Sharratt | 18.07.2007 07:00 | Ecology | Health | Sheffield

On 17th July at 6.30pm, 150 motorists gathered on the A612 to protest that the building of the new A612 bypass had taken away their short cut creating a bus plug along Burton Road near Carlton Le Willows School. This article argues the bus plug provides a vital green lung with other benefits

The Big Wheel & the A612 from the window of 226 Nottingham Road. Why the bus plug for the 100 bus provides a vital green lung…

Last night, July 17th, there was a protest on Nottingham Road attended by around 150 people, motorists who stood with their brollies and placards in what they saw as righteous indignation because they are now legally prevented from travelling down Burton Road onto Shearing Hill and have to use the new road which links with the Colwick Loop Road. Burton Road is now a bus plug. This means access for buses and residents only (this is in the original plan). However, the people who are now demonstrating and flourishing a 5,000 signature petition don’t realise that access for residents was always part of the plan. That there are nothing like 5,000 residents within the bus plug area makes you realise that people have, in a way, completely ignored the consultation process and only picked out the bits that affect their immediate day to day activities…

Motorists from Burton Joyce and Carlton have agreed to boycott the bus plug so, in effect, they now have the new road bypass and the old route past residential development and Carlton Le Willows school. Whatever the irate motorists say, they are asking for two roads…

The protest had media coverage, Quentin Raynor from East Midlands Today happened to be passing by with his video camera. There was one policeman who parked his car across the bus plug preventing cars going through but also (by mistake), preventing the beleagured 100 bus getting through at one point.

I live not far from where they protested. I have a very different perspective on the road development and the potential of the bus plug to create a green lung for the residents and staff and pupils of Carlton Le Willows School.

I think about the Big Wheel and how bus and train services can be improved into Nottingham. I think about why the consultation process for this new road was so badly attended in 2005 and consider two things: one why everyone assumed the road would be built automatically, as if by robots (not people) and also that they assume if a road is built, further housing would follow.

Tacitly, everyone seemed to accept that these things were givens so they didn’t attend the meetings, so secondly, they aren’t able to consider any potential community bounty from this bus plug and the developers weren’t able to build in anything with environmental or cultural worth.

I think about this new road in terms of how the Big Wheel might be applied to this situation and how new and better services along the new road and through the new bus plug might make a difference for everyone. I want to see more calm traffic free areas because I know that traffic pollution is muh more important than people realise. I don’t think people like the 150 irate motorists really consider what a difference this bus plug can make to the lives and futures of people who live, work and go to school in its area.

But would irate motorists join a meeting with Nottingham City Transport, Central trains, the residents and the staff and pupils of Carlton Le Willows School? Residents and school staff and pupils can only benefit from the bus plug. For too long traffic congestion along main roads is a given and never addressed.

How difficult is it to really address community and health issues when your home is on a very busy main road and your local school sports field overlooks car pollution and traffic noise.

Residents take advice from health professionals ‘ walk, jog, run’ (but on a busy, noisy, polluted road?). It seems absurd that Carlton Le Willows students run around a sports track developing lung and heart capacity so that they can breathe in car fumes, be distracted by traffic noise while they train and go to and from school.

The bus plug offers the possibility of some respite from the onslaught of cars. Does anyone really consider how the health of residents and school populations are affected by their location on a main road?

The irate motorists have a 5,000 signature petition. How many of those signatures are of residents who want a developing quality of environmental life? Have any of the signatories really thought about how precious that piece of green space could be to everyone in the future? Over from the bus plug is the contractor’s site which is the last bit of green space that the residents of Linden Grove look out into. That is potential green space and could become part of a real development of worth for young people. A place they could enjoy. For years the residents must have looked out onto the green space thinking ‘ this is going to go sometime’ but if it does have to go why can’t some creative temporary accommodation be made that acknowledges how horrible it is to live in traffic and on a main road?

Why is it that motorists think that their cars are more important than the overall quality of environment for everyone, especially, the young and the old?

Because the residents who live on the bus plug and the staff and students of Carlton Le Willows School, just like the irate motorists are part of the planning process and somehow the planning process has been going on outside most people’s lives.
So much so that their expectations of the planning process and politicians are very low.

Is this fair to the next generation? What thought are we giving to how young people receive their future? If the bus plug was left to grow and develop then the relationship between the school and its local community would develop. So many people in the area have a relation with the school but because the school is on a main road, people local to the school forget it. Main roads and traffic are not only dangerous to health but also to accessible connections with their community. When things are slowed down people will consider involvement and engagement, people will feel connected with their local institutions such as as schools, police, local decision making.

Outside my house I can see the new road. It’s wide, traffic lighted and lamposted. Cars surge pass our house in much the same way as they did before the new road was built. Traffic surveys prior to its development suggested that further down the road on Shearing Hill, over 6,500 cars pass every day.

I’ve never lived on a main road before and it wasn’t until I’d been here over a year that I began to really feel that I wanted to do something about it. Tonight, 17th July, however, there was the motorist’s protest attended by around a hundred and fifty people against what I see as the only glimmer of environmental hope the residents nearby and the pupils of Carlton Le Willows school have. The bus plug along Burton Road and Stoke Lane.

We run (away from the traffic) in the morning, across the road down the farmer’s field, past massive electricity pylons to the river. When you run or walk far enough you can imagine it’s all not there, down by Stoke Bardolph lock. I used to dream while they were building the new road that I could divert all the traffic away and would concoct amusing bollard schemes to lead all the traffic away but, eventually I just got used to it and began to plan my eventual escape, looking for little glimmers of pedestrian orientated hope in an every day way.

Paula Sharratt
- e-mail: poly.sharratt@btinternet


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New A612, right or wrong

18.07.2007 10:14

Okay, to build it cost 11.2million of tax payers (and eurpoes) money, it covers 1.2 miles of road and some local residents now have to travel 2 miles extra just to get back home each night, but is it worth it?

Prior to it being built I was completely opposed to the road and did not want the countryside dug up for more roads, a resounding NO THANK YOU!

...but wait, I can cross the Burton Road each morning with my children on the way to school without taking my life in to my own hands, I can get home even in rush hour without waiting in traffic for up to 10 mins, hmm, starting to re-think.

The fact is the road is here, it is not going to dissapear, according to the council sponsor Mr. Popodopolus only 7 letters of objection were ever submitted when this road was proposed, but now over 5,000 "local residents" want the bus plugs removed. I wonder how 'local' they are.

I have been informed today by a friend of mine that their husband drove the correct "new" way back home last night, and the van that was following them drove through the Burton Road bus plug (premusably on a red light?) and what a surprise, they met up again at the Shearing Hill junction, so does that mean the vast majority of complainers are those just wanting to drive the way they have always driven, because they think they should?

Yes I am still devastated by the countryside and wildlife lost with the building of the new road, I am also aware that I have to drive an extra 2 miles when I go to friends in Burton Joyce, but I am delighted to live in a quiet 'cul-de-sac' where I can safetly cross the road and breathe in fresh air!

Am I being selfish? You decided!

Helen Collyer
mail e-mail:

How right you are!

18.07.2007 16:55

Paula certainly has a point, all those 150 motorists should trash their 4x4s and take public transport BUS PLUGS 4EVA

Miles (Regional railways productions)
- Homepage:

A612 New Road Bus Plug and The Big Wheel email traffic...

21.07.2007 16:06

Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: A612


Thanks for keping me posted. The road probably wasn't built to alleviate the traffic on Shearing Hill, that was the alibi I think, for building the road so that further housing development could be legitimised.

So I really understand why the people who want to keep their local patterns of driving are so mad. What I want to do however, is get the politicians to really make the bus companies improve the bus service for the people of Southwell get a Southwell to Nottingham direct service, have a frequent Burton Joyce to Nottingham bus via the bus plug and a new service from Burton Joyce to Nottingham via the new road, also improved train services from Burton Joyce , Carlton and Netherfield should be on the agenda.

This is why the Big Wheel project came about although the concept has been used to promote the development of the tram really. Today I spoke to a 95 year old lady (she lives on Linden Grove) and she said that thirty years ago the buses were so unreliable that she used to walk to Carlton Square to get a bus to work, so buses from here are a really vital resource that have always been an issue.

I also think that the environmental benefits of the bus plug to residents, staff and school children at Carlton Le Willows should really be publicised. I'd like to see the present contractor's site developed as a park and I would like to see replanting of trees on a significant scale to screen traffic. these are my thoughts and I'm going to lobby councillors and politicians to hear their thoughts.

Kind regards

My point is not that they don't care about the environment, it is that they don't care about our environment. Certainly the people I have spoken to feel that they are travelling less using the original road, so less of a carbon footprint, the fact that effects your quality of life has no consequence to them as individuals.

These people are angry because they are being inconvenienced by what they see as an unnecessary road being built.

Anyway, if I get any more info I will pass it on

Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: A612

Hi again

I think everyone would like to care about the environment , it's just that they're bogged down in a way of thinking and acting that makes them feel that they have no other choice but behave aggressively.

Kind regards

But with all due respect the drivers do not care about our enviroment as the traffic has mearly been shifted 2 another road, which they choose not to use.

Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: A612

Hi again

It would be great to encourage some of the drivers to walk down the bus plug and appreciate how much better the environment is now....(Even though there is some traffic!).

Kind regards

Hi, just thought I would let you have a copy of this, it is the official statement from the council regarding the road and bus plugs, if you want them retained, you need to write to Mr Sakis Popodopolus at the council to lode your concerns


In respect of the A612 scheme, it is accepted that until recently there have been a very large number of drivers who actually contravened the traffic regulations of the bus only signs and the red traffic lights at the Stoke Lane bus plug. This was not right and needed quickly to stop. Hence, some additional signs have also been erected recently in the area to clearly reinforce the applying traffic regulations. However, as all the permanent regulatory traffic signs are properly installed and are enforceable, the County Council does not have any legal enforcement powers over such contraventions, but this task falls under the statutory duties of the local Police. I know that some attempts have already been made by the Police to warn drivers and explain the nature of the driving prohibition through the Stoke Lane bus plug, but unfortunately their resources are limited. It is hoped that the issues of enforcement will be enhanced in due course and that very soon all drivers will obey the existing traffic regulations.

The Authority is well aware of the current local issues including the efforts to raise a petition against the incorporated bus plugs in the construction of the new A612 road. I can confirm that such issues are being monitored and earnestly examined within the overall context of highway needs for the wider benefit of the local community.

As such, I must inform you that as a result of a number of local concerns the Communities Department is proposing to carry out an immediate review of the overall effects arising from the inclusion of the bus plug on Burton Road. This appraisal will need to have regard and fully conform to the current government guidelines.

The identified proposals are as follows:

1. Immediate commission of studies into the operational feasibility and costs of access at Burton Road at the restricted times.
2. If there are emerging options, which are feasible, then we will commission further detailed design work to redress such issues.
3. The current full scheme will effectively commence as programmed in mid July 2007. On commencement we will immediately initiate a pilot period involving rigorous monitoring of traffic to assess its performance and identify any significant problems. Survey work may also involve the perception of drivers, bus users, cyclists and pedestrians. We normally allow one year for schemes to settle down before monitoring, but the circumstances on this scheme warrant an early review.
4. Any recommendations arising from the review can, subject to agreement, be implemented relatively quickly providing the results of the feasibility and design work are acceptable.
5. It is not intended to review the bus plug arrangements on Stoke Lane.

Please be assured that we fully recognise the importance of listening to local people and, when possible, responding positively. However, I trust you appreciate that the County Council will be unable to respond with action which undermines the integrity of the scheme as approved by the Department of Transport. It will therefore ensure that any modifications will not undermine road safety or significantly reduce the benefits to local residents, public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists.

I hope you will find the above proposals positively encouraging in our effort to reappraise the scheme and act appropriately on the travelling mode demands for all users and relevant movements around the new A612.

Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: A612

This is positive! When was this statement made?

Best wishes

I unofficially rec'd it on Weds night

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

A612 Bus Plug 26th July 2007 'Village ideal swallowed by traffic'

26.07.2007 08:34

Over the last week, walking to and from the Linden Grove bus stop, it's been remarkable to talk to people who think that the area of the proposed bus plug has a 'village feel now'.

As someone who walks to and fro three or four times a day, I know what they mean, but the actuality is quite different. There are times when there is little or no traffic along this bus plug area but how much like a dream this really is already. The dream of the 'village' has already been swallowed up as if it's quicksand. The traffic along Burton Road is now very much like it always was.

Is it possible for everyone, (including motorists who don't live in the close area)to benefit from the building of the new road? Can the area of the bus plug remain a calmer place and can the area where the builder's site office was become a designated green space?

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Bus Plug motorists now on their bikes!

03.08.2007 09:29

This week has been quieter along the bus plug. There has been some police presence during this week, monitoring the traffic and 'gently', by example, encouraging drivers to turn back and to consider why they're using this road which is now the bus plug.

What is great and what might have an unintentional benefit is that some of the 'drive down the bus plug lobby' have themselves been 'monitoring' the police monitoring themselves. Long conversations between people have taken place on the now quieter bus plug route.

As the monitoring and the conversations have been done on bicycles (easier than stopping in a car to 'just talk'), they have been able to make their points and really talk because the road is really quiet...

Maybe this calm that the 'cycle spies' are experiencing will make them realise that their are benefits to be had by allowing this space to remain calm....

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

A612 Bus Plug nightmare

05.08.2007 20:43

I have no prblem with the idea of reclaiming the streets for non mororised traffic. The problem I have as a cyclist is that Burton Road and Stoke Lane have now been reclaimed by the reckeless. In order to use these roads as a short cut it is necessary to go throgh the bus plug. So a significant number of people are now running red lights and tearing along both roads significantly in excess of the speed limit. In effect the roads have been handed over to the lunatics and the brave few who are prepared to take the risks. I am afraid that it has mde me think twice about using my bike and my daughter is now banned from doing so. So much for green lungs. There needs to be a sensible solution here and if means opening up Burton Road to a steady stream of cars moving at a sensible speed than as a local and a cyclist I am all for it.


Reclaiming the bus plug from the reckless.....

06.08.2007 12:53

People are driving down Burton Road because they don't want to give up their old patterns and driving convenience. Younger and more impatient drivers are seeing this as condoning 'any kind of driving' and are escalating their own rights of access and driving speeds to see what will happen.

This is dangerous but it doesn't come from nowhere! They only do it because they are almost given 'permission' by adults and parents they know who think they're right to continue to drive down Burton Road. When there is an accident none of those who have continued to drive down Burton Road will feel responsible and yet they will be.

They are not right even if they think they have the moral right to continue driving down Burton Road. It is the real anger of these motorists that has created the danger and their feeling of fighting against an unjust rule.

Today I spoke to two people, one a pedestrian, the other a cyclist, who both welcomed the overall quieter space, though I think the drivers who were queuing by the Stoke Lane bus stop while contractors moved to and fro on the building plot there were again frustrated that their need for a'short-cut' had turned into a very long way round.

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Air Quality information around the new A612 is being collected

08.08.2007 08:02

There have been small test tubes attached to the new lamposts around the new road which were collected yesterday by Young White Green Environmental, the results to be part of a report on air quality.

It's a shame that the air quality just down the road into the new bus plug hasn't been monitored in the same way. Or even that when any new road building programme is finished that areas nearby where traffic diminishes as a result are always considered as a kind of control as to what kinds of air quality can be achieved in areas near very busy roads by creating small oases of green space, in this case planting back some of the trees that were yanked up to facilitate the new road.

The new A612 and enviromental monitoring
mail e-mail:

When will the Burton Road Bus Plug become a Bus Plug?

11.08.2007 17:25

On Monday 6th August at 1.30pm there was an accident on Stoke Lane (which is within the bus plug area), where a driver needed to be cut out of her vehicle by fire crew.

Was this because the driver had decided to go through the red traffic light into oncoming traffic, as one Beaumaris resident suggested?

Could the same kind of accident happen on Burton Road while traffic continues to flow? Some of the time this week police and a council representative have been stewarding the flow of cars back down the bus plug. There are rumours that the previous week fixed penalty notices of £30 had been issued.

People think that eventually if they keep on driving down the bus plug that it will be unplugged...

If they keep on driving down the bus plug there will be another accident.

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Bus drivers very concerned about continued traffic on the Bus Plug

22.08.2007 12:01

I use the 100 bus frequently, and, over the last two weeks, drivers of these buses have commented to me about how they feel responsible for the car and lorry traffic that tries to follow them through the traffic lights along the bus plug onto the new road.

Although the traffic along the bus plug is nothing like the volume before the new road was built, there is a steady stream of traffic, some of it erratic and fast, the rest mistaken or believing that their continued driving along the bus plug is a valid campaign for motorists rights.

Is it? or is it really an accident waiting to happen?

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

If the Bus Plug is unplugged should the government get a refund?

02.09.2007 19:54

Great to see a group of Nottingham to Skegness cyclists using the Bus Plug as a rendezvous point this Sunday morning 2nd September...

But what if the county council forget their mission to lead transport policy and let the angry motorists continue to drive down the Burton Road Bus plug onto the new A612?

It would be dangerous! Also, would the government get a refund from all parties to the road building project (which was funded to ease congestion by building the road and the bus plug?)

What do you think?

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Monitoring of Bus Plug Traffic

06.09.2007 07:46

Carlton Le Willows is back and already the lack of traffic on the bus plug is having an impact on the way pupils leave school, get on buses and conduct themselves. The impact of no traffic is a calmer environment around the feels that the school is again the priority in that space, which is as it should be.....

County Council cameras on the traffic lights continue to film all traffic, I'm told, but no action has been taken against motorists who continue to drive down the bus plug.
Motorists have phoned the Council since the new road has opened I'm told and have been extremely abusive, especially drivers who used to regularly use Stoke Lane (where there was recently an accident.

Residents who live around the bus plug love it and also have phoned the Council to applaud their now greener lung, though the 'empty' green space adjacent to their houses will soon be built on....'affordable housing?' Does anyone know?

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

No policing

08.09.2007 14:46

I see that you are in defence of the bus plug
A good question WHEN we the bus plug be policed?
In a letter from Mr Papadopoulos, as part of his general statement regarding the policing of the bus plug(s), it was stated that the police would not enforce the bus plug unless it was a 24hour plug.
So far I have seen very little enforcement.
I have however seen near accidents where motorists and motor cyclists have not given way to motorists on the main carriageway, shooting out of the "service road at what must be in excess of 60 mph.
This has lead to a big increase in the noise level caused by racing engines in vehicles that have just performed an illicit manoeuvre along the rat-run.
Vehicles also leave the main carriageway and enter the service road at unsafe speeds as they proceed along the rat run to cut off the corner, missing he traffic lights and running the bus plug.
Most vehicles create unnecessary noise as they pull sharply away from the lights to proceed towards Burton Joyce. By the time they reach the straight part of the road they are then speeding.
Car horns have also increased as they blast away at each other in a fit of road rage having been out raced from the two lanes into one and not being able to fit into one lane as they past the first bollard. (Which I am informed was put in the wrong place).
How long before the bollards are flattened or the garden walls. Or even children walking to school or joggers?

At consultation meetings we were told that the service road (/lay-by) couldnot/wouldnot be come a rat run.
We were also given figures of moving sound levels.

Noise pollution it seems is now badly increased..


BUS PLUGS R US(eful) ..Traffic on Burton Road down 86-98%...

10.09.2007 22:18

Thanks Ted, for your thoughts. I'll post the letter from Notts County Council Communities Department at the end of this letter.

Although traffic on Burton Road is down (and on Stoke Lane has been reduced by 56%), it only takes one motorist to swing on or off the slip road noisily and too fast off or onto the A612 for a really dangerous situation to be created, not to mention how this might affect pupils and staff going to and from the school.

Maybe it's time to ask the the school (as well as local residents) about the calmer environment around the school.
Maybe at the moment, staff and students only see themselves as either drivers or passengers and only think of how they now have to take a longer route to arrive at the school. Maybe everyone now thinks about public facilities in an instrumental way, how they get there is their business,it's not a question of the quality of the journey or the quality when they get there, as long as they can get there quickly.

So if we are to change people's perceptions of the bus plug as a community benefit rather than a council annoyance or impediment to speedy travel, then we need to get the school to use the calmer area around the school in social and environmental education projects.

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Early morning plug traffic,calmer afternoons, a few fast cars....

25.09.2007 17:54

Burton Road is still calm, young people walking to school report some traffic but agree it's so much quieter and quite a good experience to walk along there into school.

Afternoons are quieter with the odd lorry still meandering down for a shortcut. And in the evenings there are a few fast cars.

There are still nonplussed drivers who realise that it's a bus plug and turn back, still cars stopping at the red light that doesn't change and still drivers who nonchalently lead others through the red lights...

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Bus Plug Survey last Thursday 27th Sep for the County Council

01.10.2007 19:12

The Bus plug was surveyed last Thursday by a company on behalf of the County Council. There were two people counting buses, their passengers and cars all day, one of whom expressed surprise to me that the bus plug was such a contentious issue, he thought that some access traffic flow was inevitable.

Will all the traffic information (including any camera information) be used to make a future decsion about the bus plug?

Are drivers getting used to the new road now?

Paula Sharratt
mail e-mail:

Those who spoil it for others...

04.10.2007 19:04

I always conform with the bus plug and don't violate it. I also stop at red traffic lights.
The traffic lights at the junction of Burton Road and Nottingham Road are often red.
I have only once had to stop at these red lights because a bus was coming through all other times it was because someone was wanting to drive one way or the other through the bus plug. Never has it been for the rare case where an actual lawful access was required (Whitworth drive or school drop-off).
Likewise Stoke lane lights are often red, not nearly quite so often as Burton Road, and there seems to be more traffic coming out of Stoke lane and joining the new road rather than running the bus plug.
The rat run continues along Nottingham road lay-by at high speed along with the race for the single lane on Nottingham Road.
It would be interesting to read contributions from folk living along the Burton road "dead-end".
Or are they secretly the bus plug runners?
A recent letter ftom Mr Papadopolos merely refers any traffic problems to be reported Carlton Police .....

"...Currently, however, it seams to me that on both bus plug locations with red traffic lights, the level of contraventions has started to increase again after a longish period of relative law abiding conduct by most drivers.

Unfortunately, the County Council does not have any legal powers to either enforce the traffic regulation orders, nor does the Authority currently possess any legal instrument to introduce automatic detection mechanisms, such as red light cameras, to detect such contraventions and then pass them on to the Police. Undoubtedly, the enforcement role clearly falls within the statutory duties of the local Police Unit. ..
I regrettably can not offer any further immediate solution on this issue, other than to ask you to fully cooperate with the local Police. ..."

I would thought it obvious I was co-operating with the local police, given my views and concerns about abuse of the bus-plug.
What other co-operation can be given other than not driving through it?
I get the strong feeling that this will be swept under the carpet, there will be no cameras (just like the speed cameras on Nottingham road), the police will not be willing to "waste man power" on policing the plug. The rat run will continue and accidents will occur. Like the accidents outside my house and further down the road. At least two of which were fatal.

Come on Burton Road Dwellers let's here from you if you are reading this.


Speeling mistak

05.10.2007 20:31

"let's HEAR from "


New Bus Route Tried Out.

19.10.2007 07:29

A bus passenger told me that on Tuesday afternoon his bus took him from Burton road to Nottingham road via the lay by rat run.
We were told that this would not happen. Weren't we?
Has anyone else seen this happening?

Ted (again)


22.11.2007 21:20

Further searching about the process that ended in the inclusion of the bus plug in this scheme indicates that the Department for Transport were responsible and would also presumably be able to include enforcement provision if they wished. I would therefore suggest that comments about the scheme should be directed to;


Im for the bus plug

07.07.2008 12:32

Yes Im sick of reading people against it! How would you feel if your quiet cul de sac turned into a busy road residents of Burton Joyce and Gedling!
I bought my house partly on the strength of a busy road becoming a quieter road no longer a cut through!
Whilst I feel sorry for established business such as walkers, scrumpys and micks chippy, I have no sympathy whatsoever for the Post Office Sandwich shop, you knew it was there when you signed the lease, so you have in my opinion no argument whatsoever.

Tony Anderson

What a complete waste of time and money

23.07.2008 18:52

I can't believe the idiocy of this road scheme. It takes a rare combination of Euro money and local councillors to come up with such an illogical cock eyed road layout. Even people who live near the school have to head in opposite direction towards Nottingham if they want to go to Burton Joyce. All this so one or two smelly polluting buses an hour can go through unhindered. Even if they opened up the road to traffic again most of it would continue along the new road into Nottingham which is where most of it wanted to go in the first place. At present, if going to Arnold from Burton Joyce in the morning you can get stuck in traffic going into Nottingham before you reach the ridiculous 180' turn at Victoria Road junction (how lorries manage this manoeuvre god knows). How anyone can say the bus plug is enviromentally friendly when it's adding to carbon pollution by increasing people mileage is quite beyond me. The only people for it are the typical nimby's who haven't mastered the use of a car yet and the sooner it's scrapped the better!

Jack Thomson

Bus Plug Fiasco

24.09.2012 17:19

If the bus plug reversal has had a negative effect on your life / journey / traffic please email me

I am collecting a list and lobbying for re-introduction.

The bypass has become a ghost road, the council laughing stock and the lemmings who use it thinking they have saved time? Have you timed your journey on the bypass, its quicker!

The councils lack of re-capturing any of the "bulls+it" they spread when justifying the bypass stinks, they had a 0 budget for signs and or traffic calming!

The lack of consistency across the council with its emphasis on the bus / tram and cycle routes stinks of hypocrisy

The negative effect on the community and the school, the danger to the school children.

The extra stop start pollution.

The blatant lack of respect for red lights around the area promoted by people jumping the bus plug lights.

But hey you saved 0.8 of a mile! I could save 0.8 of a mile too by running the wrong way down one way streets have i complained, no!

David Hale
mail e-mail:


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Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival

Sheffield Actions 2007

Climate Camp 2007
DSEi 2007
G8 Germany 2007
Mayday 2007
No Border Camp 2007

Sheffield Actions 2006

April 2006 No Borders Days of Action
Art and Activism Caravan 2006
Climate Camp 2006
French CPE uprising 2006
G8 Russia 2006
Lebanon War 2006
March 18 Anti War Protest
Mayday 2006
Oaxaca Uprising
Refugee Week 2006
Rossport Solidarity
Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls
WSF 2006

Sheffield Actions 2005

DSEi 2005
G8 2005
WTO Hong Kong 2005

Sheffield Actions 2004

European Social Forum
FBI Server Seizure
May Day 2004

Sheffield Actions 2003

Bush 2003
DSEi 2003
Evian G8
May Day 2003
No War F15
Saloniki Prisoner Support
Thessaloniki EU
WSIS 2003

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